Monday, January 5, 2009

Not me! no never

Mondays are known for certain things, start of the work week, back to school after the weekend, the ever yucky case of the "Mundays" (you have to channel that lady from Office Space to really get the full effect). They are also know for No Me Mondays. Its where you write out all the things that you did not do this week. Because if I had done these things, well, boy would I be embarrassed.

Go link up over at MkMama and find out what everyone else DID NOT do this week!

And now on to my list of things I did not do. Oh don't think less of me...

I absolutely did not eat pizza every night that my husband was away. Nope, that would be far to unhealthy of me.

I did not, in the least little bit, shoot my two year old in the back of the head with a nerf gun during an all out flyboy family nerf war.

I did not ask once, and certainly not twice, if a charming little dash-1 had scratched his butt with his finger. (I did decline to smell it and DID make him wash his hands immediately)

I did not put the wrong shoes on the wrong kids and wonder why both were complaining so much and walking funny.

I did not, in any way shape or form, add whip cream, chocolate sauce, and extra chocolate chips to a weight watchers ice cream cup. I like to think that those things are 0 pt foods, you know cause I added just a touch.

Back to the nerf guns, I did not threaten to shoot my dear love of a husband in the testicles if he and the boys raided the bathroom one more time while I was sitting on the toilet. And I absolutely did not shoot him.

And regarding yesterdays post about the fish tank, I did not hear 42 various questions about said fish tank today, and bedtime is still hours away.


  1. hahaha too cute! I love reading these! I don't think mine would be very fun if I did them! Maybe I'll have to try next week!

  2. NOTHING beats a good nerf gun shot to the crotch. Nothing. :)

  3. Simply put: You make me laugh. :)

  4. ewwwww glad you didn't smell dash's finger :) :) hahaha

    reading this stuff makes me miss my little brothers. can i come hang out with you guys? can washington be closer to your house?

  5. I have got to try this... After reading yours and Mrs. Staff Sergeant's I think I have brainstormed enough to try it out next Monday...

    Pizza is the perfect mix of carbs and protein, in my opinion. Can't get any healthier than that! I also feel that way about lasagna. :-D

    Definitely 0pts.

    Any invasion of bathroom time merits a bad-ass payback, crotch-shots with a nerf gun included.

  6. Ha! A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do when it comes to defending her right to some alone time on the toilet! If you had threated your dear husband's privates- (and I'm not saying you did!) but if you did, it would be all in the line of duty and perfectly reasonable. I think all us women would agree.

  7. Yumm weight watchers cup with chocolate sauce and whipped cream.Im sure its still diety its ww aftre all

  8. loving the nerf gun story...raiding you in the bathroom - totally not cool!!

  9. I'm with you all the way on the weight watcher cup. o point, absolutely!

  10. Love your Not me's! Who knew Nerf guns could be so entertaining... maybe I need to invest in one...

  11. I must start doing these Not Mes. It would relieve a lot of guilt about things I DIDN'T do.

  12. Hehe, replace "pizza" with "Mac n cheese" for that first one, and that about sums up our last three weeks.

  13. that ice cream was hilarious! :)



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