Saturday, January 24, 2009

The fish saga

We went and got the boys the much anticipated fish tank today.

Ummmm yeah.

I thought fish tanks were a cheap little proposition. Uh. No. Almost 200 dollars lighter we left the store, only to drive 45 mins home to find out the box was missing pieces. So with two, not so understanding little ones and two moderately peeved parents, off we trudged to get another one.

Of course the other store didn't have that one. Of course. Seems simple enough to just get another, which we ended up doing, but let me clue you in, small children don't always understand why they aren't getting the cool looking circular one they originally picked out.

Come home, take the box apart, realize that all our combined higher education (and quite frankly between the two of us we have a fair amount) did not prepare us to put together what I thought would be a fun family project.

Fun it was not. Tons of little pieces, 15 separate instruction books, various cords and plugs, and the kids asking where the fish were. And big daddy.... yeah, for someone who deals with high stress situations in a cockpit AND who's been to war, a couple times, he was quite near the edge.

Honestly, I wish we had just bought a damn dog.


  1. this is one of the many reasons my poor daughter will never know what it is like to have a pet.

    thank goodness for the virtual kind!

  2. Oh, yuck!!

    I'll still be about the same distance away, so anytime, my bloggy pal! I'll be esp. desperate to get out of the house, since I'll be living w/ the 'rents for a few months. :)

  3. Aw! I'm sorry it turned into such a task! I never realized fish tanks had so much to them. You know what you should get the boys! Sea Monkeys! Those require no work! I had them when I was little and they were so funky looking! And they are cheap! They come with the little container and all!

  4. dont you hate things like that??? sheesh. please tell me your going to get your money back for the one with missing pieces??? anyways, good luck with that and sorry ive been MIA in the comment dept!

  5. Yes, but the dog comes with it's own set of problems. When the Hubs was in Afghanistan we managed to kill of one bird, 17 fish, but some how a beagle found his home with us....... his name is Lucky--lucky to still have a home with us!!!!

  6. Dogs are much easier...

    The entire Cheeze family wishes you the best of luck with your fishy endeavors. At least better luck than we had...

  7. Omg I knowwwwww fishies are actually costly. Hahaa. Who woulda thought??

    And don't you love how they changed fish to fishes now in Webster's dictionary? I still can't get used to it!

  8. Our fish isn't doing so well right now. He's supposed to be blue but he's kind of clear right now... I think that's bad.

    hope the fish tank turns out okay. i think you should post a picture when you get it up ;) :)

  9. I'm with amanda... I'm all about the virtual pet and the imaginary pet is even better.

  10. Little animals, I've found, are far more difficult than the larger ones as far as start up goes. I got a hamster in college. We called him nibbles because he bit the shit out of my finger on the way home. No one told me we had to keep getting him bigger cages. Geeze. There is a story about how nibbles and a pinata resulted in my asking, "why did you light my pinata on fire." Sorry, I went off topic a bit. Fish. Boooo. At least dad isn't more a hero than you now!

  11. $200 bucks for a fish tank! Holy crap! Are you housing Jaws?

    Just kidding!

    Wanted to pop in and see how you and the fam were.

  12. At least you donthave to hear the word fish 110 times a day now...oh wait you probobly do

  13. Ow, I never considered the initial expense of fish. Ow. This just did not sound so fun, add to that the distance to return things and all the explaining that goes with the territory. Maybe getting the actually fish will be more fun.

    Not sure a dog is better given my recent vet bills with Widget, but she does poop outside and get in the car by herself.

    I'm not going to tell you the story of my Dad and I coming home to find the fish cooked due to tank heater malfunction...I was 8, it was trauma.

  14. I really never knew a fish tank was so complicated! It also amazes me how hard putting things together can be for two college educated people. Apparently, they don't teach us life skills in school.


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