Sunday, September 27, 2009

you cant stop some things

I love my husband.

You know its going to be a good post when it starts out like that don't you?

But seriously my husband amuses me, he's got a thing about the kids getting sick. A thing as in he treats it as some indication of our parenting and or cleanliness.

Sometimes I think this is because his experience with kids is limited to the three that live in our house and he's not the one with them 24/7 to experience kids being kids.

And by that I mean kids being friggin germ magnets. You can NOT keep them away from germs or germs away from them. Impossible.

Well there was that boy in the bubble....

Now to his defense we do have some concerns when it comes to germies, dash-2 gets a cold and its just a cold, dash-1 gets a cold and it becomes a two week ordeal with his asthma kicking in and that whole mess. Not to mention the fact that he can't get vaccinated for the flu because of the egg allergy and the last time he got the flu he was sick for weeks and ended up with an all expense paid stay at Walter Reed.

He has suggested that this year to stave off the sickness I could mop the floors every other day in our house, our rather spacious all wood floor farm house.

Yeah sign me up for that.

Again to our defense if he was around he would probably do it. In fact I know he would.

However the pure fact of the matter is that with three small kids on my own, I probably wont get to the floors much.

But I will make sure to feed and water them so that has to count for something.

I know that shoes have germs on them, but for the most part we take our shoes off when we come inside. Cause I know some of you are out there thinking "Wow he's on to something". I know he's got some validity to his point, but again, it ain't gonna happen.

While he's been away I've been thinking about this, with humor of course. I understand why kids get sick. Before having kids I worked with kids. I know what they do, I know how icky they can be.

However having kids has totally enlightened me.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that mopping the floors at home isn't going to help a whole lot if one kid is licking the walmart cart and the other is sitting, touching the floor at the checkout.

Not to mention the nose picking. And the sneezing on each other in line at school.

Or fishing a toy out of the toilet. Or perhaps their fathers toothbrush. Which by the way he is still not keeping out of dash-2's reach.

Oh or remember this incident?

I'm all for hand washing, especially with a new baby we do it all the time and if I could cover the boys with purell I would, but I can't. If there are germs out there my kids will find them. Trust me I want nothing more for them to stay germ free. Not only do I hate to see them sick but well, it makes my life so much easier when they are healthy.

But mopping the floor cant undo licking a walmart cart. Not all the mopping in the world can undo that.


  1. Gah! Germs suck! Jonathan caught something that gave him such a high fever we actually went to the ER, which we never did with his sister. They tested him for everything, but nothing to explain, probably the snotty kisses from E or the dirty hands of the afore mentioned. Grrr

    How does she go the first 20 months with no high fever and he doesn't make it 5 weeks?

  2. My son has an egg allergy also, No Flu shot for him!! UGH!! Yes, I have figured out the battle of the germs, the germs always win. Even though I keep clorox wipes in business!!

  3. Your posts always make me laugh :) I can relate to you so much, however your blogs are so much better than mine! I hope your boys are doing great!!! Can we see pictures soon?!

  4. You crack me up. But you are right, mopping probably won't do a darn thing. If they go to school, they will get sick. End of story.

    Well, not quite the end because they will bring it home and in their generosity, share it with everyone.

    Good luck!

  5. he he... don't our husbands make us laugh? kids ARE little germ factories, if there is a germ ANYWHERE, they'll find it, use it, abuse and share it with all around them.

    mop every other day. oh. my...


  6. Not that it does make a difference when how many kids put money in their mouths... but why don't you suggest he hire you a maid to mop the floors every other day?

    I'd sit on the sofa and watch someone mop 3 times a week.

    And do dishes.

    And vaccuum.

    Sorry, I just took over your comment section for my fantasy.

  7. 3 things I dread when it comes to germs: school, WalMart, and Chuck E. Cheese birthday parties! My son came home running a fever Friday of 102 which skyrocketed up to 103 AFTER Tylenol, so I rushed him in and he was diagnosed with probable Swine Flu... 8 hours later he was fine and wanted to ride bikes... hmmm, not the dreaded H1N1 I guess, lol! My house generally stays pretty clean, but maybe not SANITARY, lol, so our scare put me into high gear with the Lysol and bleach spray everywhere, of course that only lasts so long....

  8. Lysol should make a spray you can give your kids. You could keep it in your purse like breath spray. Then it would be easy to just spritz the kids down when you left Walmart or when they got home from school

  9. Maybe he owes you an iRobot Scooba.

  10. Hahahhaha, I agree 100% with this! My cousins were PARANOID about using antibacterial wipes and blah blah blah with their baby and then I watch her crawl around and put hands in mouth. You can do your best, but it's a never ending uphill battle!

  11. but mom, those walmart carts taste so darn good! :-p

  12. Mopping the floor! That's such a man solution. Yes, you get SO sick from the germs on the floor! Geez. And mopping every other day. That sounds about right. Why shouldn't you be able to whip out the ol' bucket and mop with a newborn "just" laying around, right? Paternity leave, for these reasons, should be required for all men.

  13. Bless Flyboy for trying, but mopping isn't going to help. Kids are just germ magnets. Their little immune systems don't have much to fight those germs off, so they just get sick. As hard as it is to deal with, it's just the way it is. Mine just spent the last week confined to the house with a mild case of pneumonia. Yay.

  14. WTF - there's egg in a flu vaccine? Major FAIL. What a mess.

    I will mop your floor for you if I come to visit, even if it's still trumped by the Walm*rt cart. :)

  15. I am such a fan of clorox anywhere spray... I am a little bit of a germ-a-phobe, though it wouldnt compel me to mop everyother day. 2 kids and 3 large dogs in fact compels me to never want to mop again. however, I am glad for clorox wipes and spray. Our big one is consistantly wiping off the phones, especially if one person is already sick. We are big on hand washing also, but you are so right, there is no 100% way to keep the germs at bay. I wish you lots of luck though!

  16. I hear ya! I had Abs in a public restroom with me once, and she turned around and when I stood up, I found her sucking on the door handle. Ewwwww

  17. Everytime Lil' Mootz gets a cold or whatever other sickness the child picks up at daycare, Stonewall wants me to sue the daycare. Now that he's home though I've put him in charge of interviewing lawyers.

  18. I was a total germaphob before I had the Wee One. After seeing all the nastiness that small children create, I soon discovered it was a lost cause. You can wash and disinfect until the cows come home and they will find a way to do something gross and germi.

    Good luck this flu season!

  19. I agree. I don't know how much mopping the floors would help out. There's gonna be germs on everything and I think all we can do is wash hands, cover mouths when coughing etc.

  20. Seriously, what is it with boys and Wal-Mart carts? I used to be able to predict with accuracy that my son would get sick...because it always happened 3-5 days after we went to Wal-Mart. (though I am happy to report that my WM has finally taken the H1N1 seriously and is now providing cart wipes...though you DO have to ask for them!).

    I'll top your "lick a Wal-Mart cart" though...I've caught my son (who is 5 1/2) licking the BOTTOM OF HIS SHOES. GAAAAAH! Blech, yuck, ICK! Yeah. He got sick after that, too.

    And ever notice - even though the kids NEVER want to share their toys, they are always MORE than willing to share their COLDS.


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