Friday, September 17, 2010

What I had hoped.....

Before school started I thought I would have an excess of time just waiting to be used.  Laundry would be caught up, counters would be sparkling, toliets would be minty fresh, dinner would be put together in the early afternoon, errands run with effecincy, blog post would be well written, witty, and frequent, shoot I even had plans to clean my car out.  

Schools been in session for 3 weeks. 

None of that has happened yet. 

In fact my house is far more of a shit storm then it was a couple weeks ago.  There is something sticky on the counters.  And on the living room floor. Seven piles of laundry were piled up in my bedroom today before I finally got around to starting to tackle it.  In case your wondering, I'm on load number 4.  

And can you believe it.... I couldn't remember the password to log into blogger.

What happened to my grand plan? 

Oh and I was going to try to get some walking in while dash-2 was in school, leaving me with only dash-3 who is just content to ride around in the stroller while I burn calories.

Has that happened? No.  No it hasn't.  Thank you for asking.

I've managed to get on the treadmill a couple times but usually just long enough to run a mile or two before dash-3 gets pissed off and starts hurling his little puffs at me while screaming his discontent. 

You know what I'm amazed most by so far? The amount of dropping, running, and picking up.  Get dash-1 on the bus, run dash-2 to nursery school {2 days a week}, run back for therapy for dash-3, run to get dash-2, get home for a couple of hours or run more errands, most likely run errands, run to pick up dash-1, back home to get dinner ready, homework, dinner, bath, bedtime. 

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Know what else I'm amazed by?  The amount of papers that come thru my front door now on a daily basis.  There is the form for the apple picking field trip, book orders for both dash-1 and dash-2, class newsletter, fundraising for both kids {by the way anyone interested in any wrapping paper?} school pictures, the flyer for family fun night, for school t-shirts.... a small forest has died and is now taking up residence on the side of my fridge.

For all the papers coming in the only papers going out seem to have a check attached to them. Apple picking, school pics {for only dash-2, really? nursery school pics?}, book orders so far comes to 77 dollars.

And I still have to fill out the fund raising stuff and take a look at the school sweatshirt order form.  However I'm thinking dash-2 might not be needing a nursery school sweatshirt.

Jumping into the whole new stage of life that school age brings is eye opening to say the least.  I can't help but feel like in the past few weeks life has hit the accelerator.  The peaceful stage of life that came with toddlerhood {I know a lot of you out there are laughing at that but its true} is over and the new, school stage has started. 

I look at my friend who has kids in college, high school, and middle school and I can't imagine how go go go it will feel in a few more years.  I never know where that woman is and frankly, I don't think she does either! In a few years I'll look back at this post and laugh.  I'll look back at what I was the cost and pine away for those days.  I'll probably be looking back at my food bill with the same wistful thoughts.

Who knows, maybe I'll find my groove. Or maybe frazzled, domestically-impaired housewife and mom is my groove.

So long as everyone is happy, and there is some money left in the bank account for book orders, that's good enough for me.

I'm surprisingly ok with piles of laundry.


  1. I could have totally written this post, but you would have to add in more visits with the teachers since I have another one scheduled for Tuesday.

  2. I keep wanting to write a post like this but couldn't figure out the right words. This is so true. My oldest has done preschool before but it was never this crazy. The paper is insane. I am looking at a huge stack to go through right now. My 2nd just goes to the CDC so doesn't have a lot of extra stuff right now but I can imagine when that time comes.

    I am enjoying the one on one time with my 2nd son though. It's been a special time for us these last few weeks. Especially since before we know it the baby will be here.

  3. I have an almost 5 year old. So I dreamed of all the things I would accomplished with him out of the house. Including finally finishing painting that room and of course I would have ample time to work out.

    There are new germs at school that he or I am not used to being exposed to. He was sick for 3 days. Me I was sick for 3 WEEKS! I couldnt hardly walk without gasping for breath.

    I was shocked that he wasnt in school a week and they were sending home picture forms. I have yet to get a fundraiser but I am sure its lurking around getting ready to come. I was not prepared for this at all.

    Hopefully some toddler moms will read your post and be warned!

  4. Super. I hope (in a mainly selfish way) that you soon find your groove and are boasting about how easy it all is and that you're fitting in an afternoon seista 3 times a week.

  5. OK. I had to laugh and believe me, you will too when you look back on this time. We have three college students (living at home and commuting to college), one in high school and one in middle school. You don't want to know what our food bill is or what the driving schedule looks like. My husband lives in the hormonal house of horrors with six women and often has to call home to ask whether it is safe to come home as is or should he wear the kevlar?

    My mother in law PROMISED me that after the kids grew up I could have a clean, neat house. Until then, just to make sure there was food in the house and make sure the kitchen, bathroom and clothes were clean. She raised seven kids with my FIL in a four bedroom double wide trailer so I believe her... only, the kids aren't going AWAY to college... still, I have a dream of being a human being again one day with a clean house and a job description that doesn't include being a cook, housekeeper, chauffeur, general, homework prison guard or atm machine... :)

  6. This school stage sounds so busy! I can't imagine being in your shoes


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