Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Today the excitement builds....

Today there is excitement in the house.  

Dash-1 already has his shoes on and bookbag ready to go despite having a half hour till we have to catch the bus.

Dash-2 is still in his pjs but that will change. He can tell something is a comin'.

The excitement is pallpatating thru our house.  

Even dash-3 keeps looking around wide eyed just waiting for it.

Waiting for what you ask?  What's the big excitement around here?  What does mama have planned while #1 kiddo is at school? 

Wait for it, wait for, wait for it.....

I'm cleaning the dishwasher today! Isn't that thrilling?  And running an errand to Target and Sam's Club.  Oh and maybe running on the treadmill.

Never, ever, ever, think for a minute that the life of a stay at home mom is nothing short of full time fun and glamour.  I mean really, de-gunking the dishwasher? Hello high life!

What are your plans for today?  And I dare you to top that.


  1. I'm un-pee-smelling the cloth diapers! They were all "clean" (I rinse, wash, and rinse again), but the washer smelled like a urinal still ... so we're un-pee-smelling them today. Hoping it only takes 2 extra washes ... coz we're out of diapers...

  2. I'll be vacuuming crumbs out of the couch after I have told the kids a million times "DO NOT EAT IN THE LIVING ROOM!!".

    I need to clean the bathrooms too.

    I don't think I have ever cleaned the dishwasher. Please don't say it's gross. I prefer to be ignorant.

  3. I'm cleaning the fridge drawers!

    and i'm cleaning out my purse!

    wooohooo!! (yay for motivated moms daily chore planner - otherwise i wouldn't know what to clean when :-p)

    also, i have a midwife appointment, comissary run to do and hope to swing by the thrift store.

    you know, to spice things up :-p

  4. Put lemonaide mix in the place for dishwashing fluid and run it and that will get nearly all the gunk out.

    We live such exciting lives!

  5. I am taking my 5 year old lunch today at school cuz it is her birthday!

  6. Oh lots of people trying to top you.. Not me though, I have a glamorous day of waiting for the Fedex man with "who knows what" because we just moved in and neither of us has any idea what it is.. Oh and watching Beverly hills Chihuahua (and no I do not have children)

  7. I dropped the Wee One off at "school" and hit up Target for diapers, then went to the Commissary for groceries, came home, ate, tried my darndest to get Baby Girl to sleep, and then picked the Wee One up again. We SAHM's do lead exciting lives. ;)


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