Monday, August 9, 2010

Where's the technology?

We live in a great country.  We have amazing technology, things are possible that in the not so distant past couldn't have even been imagined. 

Yet at the same time I can't help but feel like we are lagging.  In specifics, why can't we have an amazingly low calorie donut that is as good as the high calorie ones?

Why can't diet soda taste like the real thing instead of some weird bizarro aftertaste that hits you like a ton of bricks?  {And I know some of you are going to write in and say how much you love the taste of diet soda, please tell me what your drinking cause diet coke taste like ass.}

Why can't they make a silent dental drill?  Shoot maybe they already do but our craptastic dental insurance doesn't cover it.  But still, man walked on the moon forty years ago surely we can make this one happen.

Why can't there be a dry shampoo that really, truly, works? 

Why can't blackberry figure out how to perfect the roller ball on my crackberry?  Really blackberry, its the only thing that isn't perfect on that sucker.  {Flyboy has the touch screen and HATES it. The roller ball/keyboard combo seems to be the way to go.  Until the roller ball goes wacky.}

Have I missed anything?

Oh and why aren't craptastic and bizarro in the spellcheck, its 2010 get with the program!


  1. I absolutely blame that nasty soda after taste on the corn syrup our country seems to be in love with. I'm not much of a soda drinker, but every so often I pick up something actually made with real sugar, and it's so much better. This is one thing the Europeans are getting right and we are not.

    Also, I second the quiet drill thing. I haven't had a kid who needed a filling yet, but I know the day is coming, and oh, how I dread it! Nothing like having your kid freak out as this really loud noise comes at their face.

  2. Haha, I agree with you on the Diet Coke issue! I recently started drinking Diet Coke with Lime, and it's a little better than just plain Diet Coke. I like it because there's no disgusting aftertaste. Diet Dr. Pepper is AMAZING and tastes just like the real thing to does Diet A&W Root Beer :)

  3. It sounds like you are having a rough day. =) I hope the rest of your week is brighter! If you find that low cal, yummy tasting donut, please be sure to pass the information along, mmmk?

    PS...I love Coke Zero. I don't think there's an aftertaste and yes, Im an addict. Hello, my name is Kendra and Im addicted to Coke Zero. There. It's out.

  4. I used to drink coke zero. But after 30 days without it, I cannot stand the flavor.

    Where's my flying car?

  5. ...a tooth paste that lives up to its promise, and ACTUALLY fights CAVITIES and eliminates the need for the drill, LOL.

  6. I had a blackberry and really like it, until my husband insisted upon getting motorola droids. OMGosh the droid is SO much better! It's touch screen and a slide out keyboard and SOOOOOOOOO many free apps. I honestly do not miss my blackberry.

    I don't drink soda, so no input there. It would be nice if they could figure out a way to make healthy donuts and cakes and stuff. :)

  7. I can get on this bandwagon! Why are there still "hand wash only" cookware? Can we really not come out with an insulated coffee mug that is machine safe? Really??

  8. Check for a dentist that uses waterlase technology. Our dentist we had in COS used waterlase which is not a drill and no shots required. LOVE IT!!! But alas, cannot find that here in TX. :(

  9. DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT. Just lost my whole comment somehow.

    Just so you know, I did write a good long one and then it got lost. You can imagine it was awesome.

  10. i LOVE "Craptastic", say it all the time and a friend of mine laughs ever time. I don't like the way diet soda tastes, diet soda and flat "regular" soda leave a weird feeling on my teeth.

    Oh and it was just talked about on NPR that there are a lot of obese people in England, I think they even said that it was the fastest nation in Europe, but they are telling doctors to tell people they are fat rather than obese because they will react differently to "fat." umm ok...

  11. Oh don't get me started on the blackberry! And to make matters worse it is a work issued blackberry so I have no choice in the style or brand. I spend a great many hours in the day fighting with my blackberry!!

  12. Go for something other than diet cola....Diet Squirt, Diet Ruby Red Squirt or Diet Sprite to me are all way more refreshing. I even enjoy the store brand as long as it isn't cola.

    Although, Diet Coke with bourbon isn't too difficult for me to drink.

  13. I am currently having issues w/my Blackberry's roller ball, it doesn't want to scroll up w/o force.

    As a teenager, I remember having cavities filled by some dentist that seemed very high tech and kid-friendly. I don't remember her drill being very loud. Last time I went to the dentist (that I was awake), I heard the other patients drills and gagging. That was the main reasons I paid out of pocket to be put to sleep when my other wisdom teeth were pulled.

    My old cell phone's predict text feature always had me yelling 'duck' to people. I haven't seen that many ducks in my life!

  14. I miss the roller ball on my crackberry. My Palm Pixi has touch screen and a full non-touch screen qwerty, but I do wish it had that little ball. I loved that thing. LOL


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