Monday, August 30, 2010

the book giveaway winner is......

I used to generate random winners, really I do, I just can't for the life of me figure out how to show the image here.  Really.   I'm thinking it's got to be some sort of user error on my part but basic directions are no longer cutting it, I need someone to web-ex in and show me how but I don't think their customer support does that.

Any ways, the winners were #14 and #21.  Just so you don't have to go back and count, that would be Kamas and Elise and The Roaming Southerner.  I just need you ladies to email me your addresses so I can forward them on. 

Congrats and I hope you guys really enjoy the book.  Of course my real wish would be that everyone has peaceful doctors visits but face it, with kids, that just ain't gonna happen.  Ever. Your last prenatal appointment was your last peaceful appointment.

I'm hoping to have an actual post up here sometime soon.  The past few days have been busy with the little one getting more teeth and the older two getting ready for Kindergarten and nursery school.  Kindergarten orientation was today and the first day is the end of the week for both.

{insert the sound of angels singing here}

But I promise... an actual post to come.  No really.  I promise.  But in the meantime anyone have any ideas on what to post about?  First day pics to come OF COURSE!

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  1. To post it, hit PrtSc button. Open whatever photo editting software you use (even Paint will do it) and paste. Then cut it down to the part you want. And save it. And then post it to your blog. Cheers.

    You're so right about the appointments. And I am really looking forward to first day pictures! Horray for sanity, I mean, school!


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