Thursday, August 5, 2010

How my mind works I'll never know

Flyboy told me once {actually he says it a lot} that he wishes he could worry about the mindless stuff that I worry about.  You see I have a problem.  I obsess over minuet little things that really, in the grand scheme {ok even the not so grand scheme} have little to no real importance.

Case in point today? What to put on the back of dash-1's bookbag.  As he takes his first steps towards becoming an astronaut, aka kindergarten, he's picked out this doozy {the blue/green one}, isn't he going to be so cute walking into school with it?! I've heard L.L. Bean bookbags hold up fantastically well and they really are reasonably priced. 


What to monogram on it?

Do I put his name? Then his name will be emblazend on there for all to see.  Of course on the other hand, every one at school is already going to know his name and I'm pretty sure everyone in a three country area already knows his name because they have heard me yell it at Target, Walmart, McDonalds, the commissary, PX, need I go on?

Do I put his intials?  I used to see initials on bookbags all the time.

Sidenote: I always wanted an LL Bean bookbag with my initials but ma wouldn't get one for me.  Maybe that's why I'm getting one for my kids. Hmmmm... interesting

But intials for a Kindergartener, is that a little formal?  And since his name is already shortenable to a three letter name will his intials be confusing? Oh and not to mention that they don't have a monogramming option for intials that I like.  They all seem so stuffy.

I could go with just one letter.  But then do I go with his first name letter or last name letter?  I'm thinking first.....

See.  See this is what has been occupying my mind ALL morning. Really. 

I worry about other stuff too. 

worry about household finances, making money go as far as it can on one income, I worry about the stuff my kids are eating, I worry about their health, how dash-1's belly is healing since today it looks a little bloated, I worry about dash-3's kidney health and how his VCUG study will go on monday, I worry about dash-2's speech since I've been hearing a little stuttering lately. 

I worry about what kind of young men they will grow up to be, I worry about our parenting and not screwing them up, I worry about them getting hit by a car in a parking lot.

I worry about flyboy's stress level.  I worry about him going back to combat, I worry EVERY SINGLE time he gets in his airplane, I worry about God knows what he's been exposed to in his time in the Marines.

I worry I wont be around long enough to watch my kids grow up.  I worry about a lot.  I really do.

But I'm also really really worried about picking the wrong thing to put on my kids bookbag.

Incidentally we wont have this issue with dash-2.  His initials are the same as his first name.  I'm not going to lie, we did that on purpose and I'm now wishing we had done that with all of them. 

So, intials, name, single letter, nothing.... what's your take.  And do you obsess and worry about minor things or can you just let things go and pull the trigger on a decision?  If you can I'm jealous.


  1. LLBean bags last FOREVER. I would either do his initials or how you have his name shortened. Lol you could always do "1", "2", and "3" down the line with the boys.

  2. Why not put your last name? Then it will be distinguishable from any other kids with the same name, plus you can pass it on to the next kid~!

  3. Doesn't LL Bean have an option where you can put a lizard or a dinosaur on there instead of {or in addition to} the monogramming? Keenan has a bookbag and a lunch box with his initials and a critter. He loves them :-}

  4. Hey my theory is that we "women" worry about the little stuff to push the "bigger" stuff we don't wanna deal with off to the side... LOL...Just my theroy.

  5. I'd be too paranoid to put his first name on the bag, but that's just the way I am. But I totally love the backpack. I guess I would only put something on it if I thought other kids would have the same one. But you can always buy a little astronaut keychain or something to clip to it and then tada.

    I worry about everything too. And then I worry about worrying too much.

  6. Not to be one of "those parents" but I went to a course that discussed keeping your kids safe from sickos, and they brought up the coveted LL Bean bag. Basically this FBI agent said, don't put your kids name, first or last, on their book bag. It is to easy for someone to 1) follow your kid and 2) to pretend like they are a friend of the family and snatch them.

    So now that I sound like a paranoid freak, I say do his initials, or for the hell of it put "Dash-1" on there.

  7. (1) L.L. Bean backpacks are awesome! They are a Maine company so you're in the minority if you don't have one in school.

    (2) I think that, especially when you have a crapton of "real" things to worry about (like kiddies and a Marine husband, etc.) you worry about the little things that you CAN control, rather than the big things that you cannot. It's easier and it makes a nice coping mechanism.

    (3) I like the idea of his last name, but I realized that you might be setting yourself up for a military boy in a few years, what with the camo bag and the last name and all...:)

  8. I agree with the first couple commentators. (however you spell that) If I were in a large city I'd be wary of putting ANYthing on my childs bags. However, I'm going to assume your boys are all way to smart to talk to strangers. 1,2,3 sounds cute. and He'd always know what bag was his. All though what I know of boys... by the time he outgrows his bag LL bean or not. There probably wont be much left to pass on. Spot fretting, Take a Poll!

  9. The way I look at the name thing is its easy to figure out a kids name Am I suppose to go into Target and not use my kids name, but anyway I love LLBean bags and i just ordered Bays yesterday with her Initials and it didnt take me as long as its taking you to figure it out but it takes your mind off the more stressful things.

  10. I say first and last initial. It's easy, not too informative, and "manly". Not that he has to worry about that too much now LOL. But who knows how long he'll have this book bag? I had some for years.

  11. I opted for the LL Bean bags last year as well. They have a GREAT warranty and are so fashionable. I always wanted one, I was in the minority in school because I always had the genreic backs, (poor me). Anyway, I bought all three boys similar backpacks, just different colors, and I went with the initials. Namely because they all have the same middle initial, so I thought it looked kinda cool to have the bags so similar. ya ya, I'm a dork.

    It worked out well one day, when I was picking up a sick kid at school. He through his backpack in the back seat and that's when I noticed an "S" in the initials. Of course I looked and it wasn't his bag. Nice catch. If I hadn't monagrammed it I would have gotten all the way home and probably wouldn't have even realized until I went to put his lunch in it Sunday night.

  12. I obsess. All the time.

    You should totally just put "-1"

  13. So, I completely relate to the worrying about all things, large and small =). As to the book bag, I think I'd go with nothing. That way, as he grows up, he won't go through a phase where he hates whatever's on it. Whatever you do I wouldn't do first or last name--same safety reasons listed above.

  14. LL Bean Backpacks make it several years of school at least. Every student of mine that has had one (and a matching lunchbox that clips on- essential!) has not had to replace it. If you want him to keep it, I'd go with the first name. If you want to pass it down, I'd say last name or I think they can also do some shapes, like maybe a rocket or something.

    I'm not real sure why putting his name on his backpack would get him kidnapped. If someone wants to take a kid, a monogrammed backpack isn't going to be the reason. He is small enough where he will be with you now, and when he is older you can just tell him, "If someone says your name, they might be reading it on your bag." I think the kidnapping paranoia is a bit much for backpacks.

  15. oh i hate those monogram options. i had to figure out what to put on matt's flask and damn if i could make up my mind about that. i went back and forth between initials? something clever? a smiley face [ :-) ]? nothing at all?

    i have no advice!

    it's nice to know that i'm not the only one worrying though. i've heard that flyboys have higher risk of cancer, i'm afraid of this upcoming carrier deployment (what if the jet falls into the sea?)... oh i'd better not follow this train of thought!

    worrying sucks.

  16. It is the nature of the beast for mothers to worry. You would not be a good mother if you did not worry. Oh, it never stops either. When my daughter was at basic training and later my son was in boot camp, I was a basket case.


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