Sunday, December 5, 2010

More info on the Cookie Hop- updated!

Hey folks! Get your measuring cups and ovens ready!


Just in time for all that holiday baking that's about to commense, shoot or maybe it already has, I'm going to be hosting a Cookie Blog Hop.  Think of it as a virtual cookie swap, only you don't have to get out of your pjs and you won't consume all those pesky calories.

Now that I have a button {pretty jazzy right? Thanks to Ashley at Hasty Life} we can really kick this thing off right and you kind folks can start spreading the word over on your blogos.  After all, more people = more recipes which = more holiday love.
Ok so I made that equation up but still, the more the merrier right?

Here are the high points just so you can be in the know, don't worry, I'll reiterate these over and over again in up coming post {something to look forward too right?} its not too tough so here goes:

Cookie  Blog Hop Info
- Find a recipe that you love. That IS the holiday personified in a cookie or sweet treat, that you make every year, that you're trying for the first time, that someone passed on to you, ANYTHING! Any type of sweet treat type recipe. {shoot you can even share fruit cake, someone out there may share your passion for it}

- Share your recipe on your blog, on of the best parts of this type of blog hop is that its a great way to find new recipes! So share all the info needed to make your treat.

- Post pictures!  They don't have to be the pics you see in a food magazine, we are regular people, but I personally like to see what my the recipe looks like and a picture adds to a post.  {They are worth a 1000 words right? I should use more pics and less words. yikes}

- Link your post to the main Cookie Hop Blog post which I'll put up on Wednesday 12/8 and don't worry, I'll leave the linky up for the rest of December so people can come link up as they bake and add more recipes if they like. 

- Add the hop button to your post and spread the word!

Sound easy enough, everyone up for it?  Now... go bake!


  1. i am so excited to see what everyone shares!!! yay for baking!

  2. Ooo! I love how the button turned out I'm so excited! Thanks for taking a chance with me! I'm glad you liked it!


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