Monday, December 6, 2010

the day of dash-2

 Today is your day dash-2.  

Today, you turn 4.

Yet another amazing year watching you change and grow.  Good with the bad, happy with the sad, you're a fascinating kiddo.  

How many other kids your age can explain symbiotic?  Shoot I can't even spell it! Although donuts to dollars I'd bet you can't either so we're even there.

You went from a diaper wearing 3 year old who didn't talk much to an underpant clad big boy who is already sounding out and spelling words.  What happened?  How is it that you're outgrowing all your clothes?  How'd you get so smart? So adorable?  Is it all the hot dogs you eat?  Should I stop watering you? 

Every day you look more and more like your daddy, but at the same time, every day you act more and more like me.  That temper, oh that temper, the way you hold on to your pissiness, that glint and hint of mischief in your eye that just screams "I'm screwing with you".  Those are the things that let me know, as if there were any doubt, that you are my boy thru and thru.

When you are big and tall, with kids of your own, I'll remember bits and peices of your 3's.  I'll remember how you were so stubborn about potty training that you could actually poop on command just to annoy your father.  {I have to say, this was kinda entertaining}

I'll remember how we play the "right here" game with our kiss, the adorable gravelly way you would say "gimme a kiss, right here, right here" pointing to your cheek and then quickly turning your head. 

I'll remember how your life changed the moment you ate real pizza.  Not that fake crap that they eat in the rest of the country but the real stuff.  Pure joy my son.

I'll remember how despite being a rough and tumble boy, you didn't want to leave mommy's side as you started school.

I will also remember how your teachers said you were the smart kid they had ever had the pleasure of teaching.  Trust me kid, mama doesn't forget a compliment without a "but" on it.

I'll remember that you were the most adorable green t-rex for halloween.

And you know what, I'll forget some stuff too.

But what I won't forget as we start a new year of you, a new year with your big bad {and by that my dear I mean the good kinda bad, not the bad time out kinda bad} 4 year old self, how lucky I am to be your mommy.

Happy birthday my dear!


  1. They grow to fast! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DASH 2!!!

  2. Happy birthday Dash 2! May this year be full of even more wonderful memories.

  3. what a great birthday - st. nicholas day!

    happy dash-2 day, i hope it was special! :)

  4. I now wistfully remember our daughters turning four. each in their turn. (and I think how lucky HE is to have YOU for a Mommy and hope he had the perfect birthday. Take LOTS of pictures NOW. Their legs get longer and it's harder to pin them down long enough to snap a shot... at least my girls were that way and it has only gotten more so with age. (Besides. I don't run as fast as I used to anymore.)

  5. Love this post! Happy Birthday Dash 2 and happy Birthing day Mrs!


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