Saturday, March 8, 2014

Perspective Needed

So my husband told me I need some perspective.  I refrained from telling him what I thought.

Ok. I lied.  I didn't refrain from anything.  It was a weak moment.

I do have perspective, I realize how very lucky I am everyday.  Its just been a kinda shitty week.  While I can never understand what he goes thru on deployments, he can't understand what its like to be the one left behind.  Left behind with life to deal with, coming at you at lightening speed, jumping from issue to issue.  Someone scratching your little ones face off at school, to another kid going on a multiple day total hunger strike.

To remind me why I'm so very lucky, I'm committing them to paper - or rather the interwebs, where Lord knows crap probably last longer these days.

I'm thankful that my husband is here or there, even if it means that it feels like he's anywhere but here, it means he has a job.

I'm thankful that I've spent $1700 in home heating oil in the last 3 mths, it means not only do I have a home, but I have the means to keep it warm. {or 63* but compared to outside that's freakin' balmy)

I'm thankful that although emails are short and hit and miss, we can have "conversations"

I'm thankful I'm writing big checks to swim and football, it means my kids are healthy, happy and involved.

I'm thankful that I sat in a bowl of cold toilet water this morning, it means finally, someone is figuring out to put up the flippin' toilet seat!

I'm thankful that my kids are dbags when my husbands away, hear me out on this one, it means they have a strong relationship with their loving, involved father who they miss terribly when he isn't home.

I'm thankful for Macklemore, who despite being an ACLU loving liberal douche makes some great running music.

I'm thankful for my treadmill, which is not my favorite place in the world, but I'm pretty sure it has kept me from killing someone in the past few weeks.

I'm thankful my inlaws are a-holes, because I'm closer to my SIL now that they are out of the way. And she's totally my deployment wife.

I'm thankful for twitter, twitter is fabulous, its more of a sanity saver then the treadmill.  And its good for a laugh and a time suck.

I'm thankful my husband tells me about the horrible things that go on where he is, it stresses me out immensely, but I realize how very precious life is and how I'm lucky that he's safe and sound.


  1. ((hugs)) Great perspectives. What you are going through suck, but you have a great family.

  2. Rob has told me many times that I lack perspective, since in his mind no matter how bad things get, "I'm not in Iraq." This is a great list :)


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