Monday, February 24, 2014

The grass is greener

I started this blog back when I had {only} two little ones. My days were spent with tiny people who were totally dependent on me and while they had their own personalities and thoughts, let's be honest, I controlled their world.  Not to mention there were ONLY TWO OF THEM!

We woke up early and we just did our thing all day, conversation was at times limited, NO ONE napped so there was very little "me" time, and of course, hubs was always coming and going.  I thought those were the hardest days of parenthood.

I clearly was an idiot.

Just so you get what an idiot I was {and I'm almost embarassed sharing this whole revolation to the world} I actually looked at people with older kids and thought, lucky you, your kids are independent, you can have great conversations with them! Lucky you, you get to go hang out at sports and get out of the house! Lucky you, you don't have to wipe anyone's butt! 

This is was obviously a case of the grass is greener, because let me tell you, I'm starting that transition to the other side and some dog must have peed on all the grass over here cause it's got some big ass yellow patches. 

Dash1 turned 9 this month.  He's at that age where my sphere of influence is weakening.  Now, don't think for a minute I'm not saying I have no say in things, hardly, but he's starting to become aware of things.  For instance I got this gem a few days ago,"What's instagram, so and so was talking about it at school? Can I get one?"

In case you were wondering I told him it was a place for girls and Justin Beiber to post pictures of what they just had to eat and it was hardly age appropriate nor necessary for him to post his bologna sandwich so that would be a big ol no.

This afternoon he told me he was a horrible parent.  Trust me folks, I've heard that a couple of times and I don't usually take it personally, but this time, this time he almost spit it at me.  Someone's gotten to big for the britches and found them self on the business end of a bar of soap.

And no, I didn't wash his mouth out for saying he hates me.

I feel like we are starting to come to the crossroads of parenting where you say, I can't be their friend I have to be their parent. There are just to many a-holes in the world, I can't add to that. 

We have great kids, we are very lucky.  And I get that the past year with not one but two deployments isn't easy, but it can't be an excuse for defiant and disrespectful behavior.

I'm at a stage of parenting I really do enjoy, I do like being a mom, I promise. I like seeing my kids grow and become individuals, I enjoy sitting at the pool or football field and cheering them on, I am constantly amazed at their abilities to suck in new information. 

However, the attitudes I can do without.

I look back at the time where they were cute and cuddly and laugh that I thought those were the hard days.  Just like I KNOW I will look back in a few more years and kick myself for thinking the same thing now.

Parenting never gets any easier.  None of us have it figured out.  We are just trying our best.

Did you catch that people, I worked my blog title into that last line there. BLOG MAGIC!


  1. You are clearly awesome and I miss your blogging.

  2. I thought of you on Saturday. We were at a Daisy meeting and they played the National Anthem and two of the moms stayed sitting. I gave one a pass because she's pregnant and overdue and looks like she rolls everywhere she goes plus she was on the other side of the room but the other was a milspouse. I wanted to punch her in the face. The Captain is still learning and I told her to stay still the same way I used to tell my sailors when they complained there was gnats in their eyes when we did colors.


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