Saturday, February 1, 2014

Deployments are like Pregnancies

I think deployments are like pregnancies. 

When you get that first faint line on the pregnancy test, no matter how much you have planned it you have that moment of Oh my God what has happened! What have we done?! Are we ready? No we aren't ready? Oh shit there is no do over!!!

Or maybe that was just my reaction.

Four times.

Depolyments are the same.  They come home with the news of them and you run thru all the varying scenarios in your head.

We got this. 

Time will fly by.

I'll get x, y, and z done while he's gone.

Then the moment to say goodbye comes and those first days are... kinda awful.  I found myself thinking to myself, no no no no no we didn't really want to do this! Let's undo this, send him home! 

{As if the powers of be care}

But then, moments turn into days, days into weeks, and weeks into months. 

You trudge thru. 

You have highs and lows. 

To go back to pregnancy, you feel the baby move and then 20 minutes later you have to pull over to vomit in a gas station parking lot.  But. You make it to the end.  God willing, you make it to that moment where it's all behind you, you have that glorious homecoming and you look back and think, not so bad, shoot I could even do it again!

Until you have too. 

And you go thru the whole cycle again.


  1. LOL, I dunno... I don't exactly pray for a deployment each month and end up in tears every month that he doesn't leave =P

    But yeah... you are right. We make it through. Because... there's no alternative. I hope Murphy stays away from you for the rest of the deployment.

  2. Having gone through one deployment and having been pregnant for 18 weeks now...I can definitely see the similarities. I hope it goes by quickly. <3

  3. Hrmm so far I've only gone through one of those things - deployment. I can see where there'd be similarities though!


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