Saturday, December 8, 2012

More on my obsession with photo cards

My christmas cards went out. And in my head I'm moving on to the next holiday. That's what happens sometimes in military households, you look past where you are to a date a couple months down the line because its either when he's going to be home or closer to when he's going to be home. 

I'm looking forward less for those reason and more because I want to send out more photo cards.

I love them. THAT MUCH.


And not to mention, photo cards are great during a deployment because its a card AND a photo to send to dad. 

So I'm thinking that New Year's is too close to Christmas to send a photo card and January's holiday of Martin Luther King Day is probably not quite the best candidate but Valentines? I'm all over that like a dog with a bone.

And St. Patrick's Day?

Don't mind if I do dress my kids up in green and snap a pic. 

Now to make me sound less nutty, I don't send these cards to everyone that I sent Christmas cards too, just grandma and folks like that.  Don't fear getting a card in your mailbox 5 times a year.

Unless you want one.  Then I'd be more then happy to oblige!

I was mindlessly surfing around last night for holiday cards and I looked at cards on Minted {which by the way, I could have been lost on their site for years, its that good. They have every card you could ever want and every card has options for colors, layout, shapes, paper thickness.  I don't do well with options}

of forgot where I was going... but do you know what I thought was really amazing....they have... SHAPES!

Shut up! 

Their cards have shapes! Pretty scalloped edges, funky curves, and gloriously thick paper...oh my dears... this could be love.

How unique are these cards?!  Because I've already lamented how I hate it when someone else sends out the same card as mine. 

Look out peeps, my valentine cards are going to rock your world. 


  1. Loved your Christmas card. The boys looked adorable.

  2. What a cute idea for other holidays as well! We just print pictures to send to my grandma, and mom & dad-in-law but we might try printing cute cards for various holidays throughout the year! Too cute!

  3. The shapes are fun! I've made my own photo cards for past Christmases, but this year went with an online service. My jaw dropped at the total. I backed up and went with a simpler style. Maybe if I can get my act together 2 months ahead of time I'd be ready for the early bird sales! ;)


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