Sunday, November 11, 2012

What's your take on this?

I have a conundrum.  It's a bit after the fact, but its one of those things that I'm puzzled over and so rather than asking random strangers at target {apparently not socially acceptable} or trying to do it on twitter in 140 characters {I'm too wordy} I'm asking you all.

Here goes... What are the tipping rules for getting your hair done?

Let me elaborate.

My normal hairstylist is getting ready to have a baby. Fantastic for her! So happy! But I'd be lying if I said that when she first told me I panicked over my hair. For a split second. Very split.

So she's cute her hours to about 20min a week so it's damn near impossible to get an appointment that works with all my getting kids from here and there schedule.  The Marine Corps Ball was this weekend and, of course, I had put off getting my highlights re-done.  A friend gave me the number of  a friend of hers who does hair out of her house.


I was able to just bring dash3 with me and my hair turned out great.

My conundrum?

As I was paying {more than I paid at the salon....$30 more, but the hair was lovely}I realized I didn't know if I was supposed to tip or not.  I figured err on the side of not being a cheapskate d-bag and so I tipped. Very nicely I'd like to add. But then I left there wondering if I had committed some faux paus and looked like an idiot.

I immediately called my friend who confessed that she found herself wondering the same thing earlier that week and was kicking hereself for not knowing what to do. {she tipped by the way}

I'm relieved I'm not the only clueless one.

Here's some of my thinking on this....
A. You tip because you just tip.
B.  You don't have to tip in that instance because it's similar to not typing the owner of the salon. {I don't have much expertise with this argument but my friend sees the owner of the salon we both go to and she told her as the owner she doesn't take tips}

I don't mind tipping her.  The cut was good and the color was great. Se was great to talk too and she didn't kick my son out.  With all that I'm willing to pay her price, shoot I'd pay more for the convince of not having to find a sitter for dash3!  Especially as I embark on months of single parenting.

And just so it's out there I could have just asked but I'm a whimp. There I said it. .
I was just wondering if others out there can tell me what the etiquette is on this.

So what's your take?


  1. I just saw a segment on tipping the other day on Today! I think I would have tipped but the amount would depend on several things. I would assume she is a legit business with the state and city even though she's doing it out of her house. They are saying these days even to tip the owners of places or managers- but I would maybe tip her less than the normal amount since her prices are higher (most likely to compensate) but she doesn't have to pay studio fees or rent on her booth... if that makes sense? I would maybe go 15-18%.
    Sounds like it will be a good deal and work out really well for you though!

  2. I would tip because even though she's just working out of her home, it's a convience for you to be able to go there and bring your son etc. My friend cuts hair out of her home and most people tip her!

  3. I always tip even if I'm not sure if I'm supposed to. Sort of an "err on the side of caution" sort of thing. My kids' haircuts are like $10-11 at a local place. I usually pay $15 & let them keep the extra $4-5 as a tip. Probably way more tip than I should (that's like 40-50%!), but it helps out the ladies who cut their hair, so I go for it.


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