Monday, November 5, 2012

To Facebook or not to Facebook?

I'm faced with a conundrum.  To Facebook or not.  I've managed to avoid it this long. 

Until we started football.

Adorable little dash2 just finished up his flag football season. {thank goodness, the temps are down in the 40s now!} The organization had someone come to the games to take sports shots of all the teams playing and posted them on their facebook page.  The shots were amazing. 

Even more amazing because I spent the games making sure dash3 didn't run onto the field or down in a massive mud puddle so my photographer skills were seriously lacking.

But no problemo, the facebook page was open for all so I'd hop on and download the pics of my cutie.  Of course at some point the worry did cross my mind that if I could do this so could any pedophile out there.

Well, the team caught on. 

Now you have to have a facebook account and be verified by the team.  All things I agree with.  But I don't have a facebook account and I'm not sure I want one.  Even for pics of my 5 yr old. 

So I'm posing this question to all of you because I love to hear your answers, Do you facebook?  Do you prefer twitter or facebook? {because let me tell you I'm a twitter whore! Love me some tweeting} Or vice versa?  What are the best points of facebook and in your opinion what are the drawbacks?


  1. I love twitter for so so many reasons, but facebook is good to upload pictures to keep your family updated. Do it...and friend me:)

  2. I like Twitter for being anonymous (ish). I like Facebook for keeping up with friends and family. So I'm not going to be any help since I like both.

    Twitter is great for snarking and for telling people what you don't want your friends/family to know... right now, that's our struggle with infertility.

    Facebook is good for talking about things you don't want to let strangers know... specific things about your job and where you live, etc.

  3. I like both for very different reasons. Twitter for me is a place to connect, share and talk with people I really don't know outside of the Internet. Although I do have a handful of people I know outside the Internet on there, it really isn't for them. Facebook is where I connect with people I have either known for a while and we no longer live close or new friends I want to get to know better. I added my son's Boy scout leader and so glad I did. We have been able to connect over things like love of writing. Plus my family loves all the photos I share. I also have a "Close friends" list on there so I don't have to share everything with everyone if I don't want to.

  4. I like Facebook for real life people and twitter for people I don't know. I think they are just like apples and oranges. I can live without twitter more than I can facebook though, because FB is how I keep up with all my old friends since moving, and it helps me build friendships with new people. I'll meet a spouse at an event and click, so I'll friend them. The trouble with facebook is learning you don't have to accept every friend request that comes your way and some people don't get that. I'll delete someone with a quickness if they're too whiny and we're not all that close (like a spouse from a former command or something of that nature). Facebook has more drama, again probably because it's "real life" people you know. I love being able to see all the people we've moved from though and watch their kids grow up, see old friends get married even if I couldn't make the wedding, and catch up quickly (because I'm a horrible friend and won't call you, but I'll "like" your status).

  5. I am not on Twitter at all. And lately my Facebook time has been limited. But I love Facebook for keeping up with old friends and letting our family know what is going on. You don't have to accept everyone's friend requests either. I use it for friends and family so not everyone I went to high school needs to see my account.

  6. Yeah! You're back:) I was just thinking about you the other day and the ornament swap from last year. Just my two cents- I like Facebook to connect with people and have two pages one for me and one for my girl scout troop. Just remember that you do not have to accept every friend request and there is always drama. But the drama provides endless entertainment and plenty of fodder for snark.

  7. I keep the privacy settings on my facebook account pretty high, and it was a really good way to get information about how family and friends were doing after the hurricane. I hear command stuff and stuff from the captain's school from there fast. I like to keep my twitter profile a little more anonymous, so I don't follow the command that way. I definitely do not accept all the friend requests I get--the less info you put in your profile, the harder you are to find.

  8. Here is my opinion. If you use FB properly, it is really not bad. Sure, you hear about drama and fighting BUT if you get a FB profile, set it to private. Only "friend" actual friends you CAN keep your life private. It is, in a way, for some people, like twitter and blogger- where people collect friends and the one with the most followers wins. Then again, if you are seriously concerned with privacy then monitor it.

    I only have like 40 friends in FB. I know each and every one of them. Personally. I have my profile private and you can't even search for me by name. If someone wants to be my friend there I usually send them my link or I find them and friend them.
    It is very nice to keep up with people, see pics, share links and photos and has even taken the place of email for me. I would love if you were on! I could keep up with the boys and with you! I don't do twitter. I have one but I don't get on b/c I don't think I anyone cares enough to read anything I have to tweeter. So, I miss out on your tweeting :(

    Also, another nice thing about FB is even the friends you have you can monitor what they see on your profile. So, say if you have like a friend but some reason you don't want that friend to see certain posts or pictures you can set your photo album settings to only certain people. Or you can categorize people. Close Friends, Acquaintances, Work Friends, etc. Then set limits to each category.
    Lots of privacy options!

    I hope to see you on at some point.


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