Saturday, November 24, 2012

This and that

A seabag is packed, body armor is waiting by the door, the footlocker is to the gills stuffed.  The Christmas tree is up and we are squeezing in a couple of our die hard Christmas family traditions today. 

That by the way does in fact include blogging.  It's a christmas miracle!

My goal is to get the Ornament Swap emails sent out tonight or tomorrow.  If you want to sign up still you can take advantage of my lateness and get your email in there!  This is always {I hope} a good time for all.

I'm also curious, what are some of your holiday traditions?  Both when your family is together and when your apart {because in the military, your always apart some of the time}.  Leave me some good ideas and next week, when I've come up for air, I'll be posting some of our new holiday traditions we are building on or starting all new this year.

Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving and hug everyone your thankful for as tight as they can stand it!


  1. I am German, so we get to open gifts in the evening of the 24th already.
    Ever since we were kids (I am 30 now, but we still do it) we would get a new board game on Christmas and spend the evening after opening the gifts playing that new game.
    Now that we are all older we are playing adult games of course, but we still get a new board game every year and play it in the evening and during the following days.

  2. Thinking of you guys during this time!

  3. Did you get a new layout again?
    I have not been on here in AGES. Serioulsy. I promised myself I would come back and I even wrote one blog months ago but then I never came back again! I would like to start back up though. I am glad to see you are still writing. I miss you and am always thinking of you. Call me when you can.


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