Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ornament Swap anyone? Anyone at all?

So its fast approaching that time of year.  The time of year for the great Trying Our Best Blog Ornament {and hopefully cookies} Swap!  I've done this for 3 or 4 years and even though I wasn't blogging me it was bumming me out thinking about not doing it this year.

Actually its one reason I came back.  Not that I'm delusional enough to think that people out there were opining missing out on it. But it is a fun little tradition!

In case you dont remember here's the gist...

*you can either MAKE or BUY an ornament, however there will be a $10 dollar limit. And if you find a cute one for less go for it. {embrace bargain hunting folks.} It can be something to from where you are stationed or live, it can be something that you think will reflect the person you are swapping with taste, it could just be something adorable that you see or make.

 Let me repeat. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MAKE AN ORNAMENT. I get asked this question a ton of times. BUYING IS OK!

If you want to include some cookies or candies in your package go ahead! Its not required but I'm a stress eater and cookies or candy would be greatly appreciated.

*Ornaments should be mailed so that they are received round about mid December.  If you and your partner work something else out, good to go, but the whole point is to have this ornament BEFORE the holidays. 
 If you think you want to take part leave a comment and let me know.  If a couple folks say they are in then I'll do a post about signups in the next week or so! 
Let's keep the tradition alive people!


  1. Yeah! I'm in. This was so much fun last year.
    tissytano AT optonline DOT net

  2. I'd be up for an ornament swap for sure!

    P.S. Glad to see you back in blogland! :)

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  4. Not sure if it links back to my blog..
    But my email is

  5. Would love to do this I am doing another one with another blog but it doesn't include the cookies, candies part and I Love cookies and candies during the holidays!!!

  6. Me, Me, Me! I would love to do the ornament exchange again this year!

  7. Me, me, me too! I've done this the past 2 years and would love to participate again! :)


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