Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the old blogo

Anyone out there go back and forth about letting their blog die off? 

Anyone else finding that living life is getting in the way of blogging about it?

Anyone else figure that if their blog stopped tomorrow, no one would really even notice? 

I think blogs come and go and mine right now might be at the point where it should just go.  I feel like I've written about everything I can think of.  I've made my views and opinions known, I've asked the burning questions that needed to be asked like whether we should stop wearing shorts once are knees start shifting south. 

There was a point where I had a crap ton of ideas and energy to put into my blog and now I just feel .... eh.

Anyone else feel like this?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

An Honest Mommy Moment - Craft Style

Its been forever and a day since I've done one of these, but of all the days lately, today has warranted it. Without further ado folks I give you,

I love me some crafting.

Right now I have several craft projects going on, I'm making a wreath for Halloween, I'm already well under way making some lovely glitter ornaments for christmas, but can I share something with you.

I hate crafting with my kids.


I mean I love to get great ideas and think about how fun it will be to do with them and I envision what we'll do with the project, but then, inevitably the actual crafting time makes me dream of poking my eyes out with a hot poker.

Today we made a giant ass spider.  Out of pom poms.  Giant ass pom poms.  With giant ass pipe cleaners for legs. 

And just so you know, the legs were as long as my arm.  And the pom pom for his body is roughly the size of my ass.

Hence, giant ass spider as a very appropriate description.

And you know how you put this all together?  With glue. 


To hold a pipe cleaner the size of an adults arm to a pom pom the size of my ass? 

And of course, its a spider, and spiders have 8 legs.  Insects have 6 legs and spiders have 8 legs.

Well, guess which spider only has 6 legs?  Yeah the giant ass, sad spider sitting on a shelf in my dining room.  And don't think the kids didn't point out that he was missing 2 legs about 15 times today.  But unless the last 2 legs were coming right out of his butt they weren't going to fit.  And I had already lost what little sanity I had going into this craft on getting the first 6 legs to attach to the pop

Who thought that craft up? Obviously someone without kids. 

I realize I have only myself to blame, I did after all say, "Oh look kids! A giant spider! Wouldn't this be cool!" {Mommy points for me for not saying "giant ass" to the kids}

But that's what I'm saying, at the time the idea seems fantastic, almost even glorious, without the slightest bit of remembrance of the last miserable crafttime crossing into my mind. 

Much like childbirth.

Actually exactly like childbirth.

And I was smart and fixed myself so that can't be done anymore.

sidenote: I should give myself a craft hysterectomy now. 

I love my kids, dearly I do, I just don't think I'm the best to craft with them.  My mother, she is a kid crafting pro. I, however, get freaked out when it all goes awry or when someone starts painting on the table or mixing colors.

I loathe mixing colors.


It's disrespectful to the other colors.  But that's not the point.

I'm sure many of you are thinking, wow, she should probably do more crafting to lighten the f up.

I should.  Maybe, but not today.  And not tomorrow.  I'm taking a kid crafting sabbatical.  Or at least a giant ass spider sabbatical. 

That giant ass spider was a really bad idea.