Sunday, September 18, 2011

How you know its been a while....

You can't remember your password for blogger.

Proof positive its been forever an a day since I have logged in. I miss y'all, I really do, as the kids are getting older and life is getting busier blogging, sadly is suffering.

Let's see, we got hit by a tropical storm.  Did the whole no power thing for a couple of days, which despite flyboy telling us is an adventure, is not, at all, an adventure.  I have the utmost respect for those who lived without power back in the day.  I would have been curled up in the corner of the house rocking back and forth. 

Dash-1 is a first grader.  His teacher reminds me of Michelle Dugger, you know that lady with like 37 kids,  I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.  His teacher is very soft spoken and super nice, fantastic yes, but last year his teacher was a giant bald man with a goatee who would rap with the class.  I'm curious to see how this year goes. 

Oh and because of his allergic reaction over the summer the school has him wrapped in bubble wrap.  He's less than thrilled with this.

Dash-2 has started 5 day a week pre-k.  So from 9:15-11:45 every morning I only have one kiddo.  All together now, YAH! 

If only he didn't start fighting about going to school at 7:30. 

He's my more "sensitive kiddo" so it'll take him a few weeks to get with the program.  Of course he's also my most stubborn so he might just hold on to the fight all year just because.

Dash-3 is now at the terror stage.  You know, where he cuts you that cute look that says, I could suffocate you in your sleep if you cross me.  Adorable but slightly scary.

Let's see what else.... oh we just got back from the wedding in Boston where I saw my frienmy.  After a long summer, not being able to work out and recovering from major "baby maker surgery" as dash1 calls it, I was rather paranoid about goign. However, if you follow me on twitter, and why aren't you? You'll recall that she's like 570 lbs.  Go ahead, think less of me, but she's a twit. And she mocked my old lady gym.  Hey, Curves might not kill her.

Flyboys still here and there. No change there.

See I don't even need to post everyday, I can sum it up quickly enough. 


  1. Good to see you popping in! Hang in there with the busy life!

    Margaret (@goodbadfamily)

  2. Welcome back! Thanks for the rundown =)


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