Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Dash3!

My baby is 2. 

All my boys are my babies, but you my sweet, you really are my last baby. 

My miracle baby.  

You came as a complete surprise, just days after I had lost a pregnancy, the doctors were baffled by you, they looked at the ultrasound machine and said that there could be no way, but sure enough, here you are.

You are a tough little guy, you were so tiny that first year of life, yet now your a rough and tumble kiddo trying and succeeding at keeping up with the big boys around here! 

Here's you in a snap shot:
You love - Curious George, CARS, monkeys, rockets, and dinosaurs.

You could eat yogurt, cheese, and bagels all day.

Your first word was, of course, lightening.  

When your running around you hum the music from CARS.

You like to be just like your daddy, pretending your hand is a chainsaw and cutting up logs just like him. 

You have to have your monkeys to sleep, Georgie and Lightning. 

You have an utter disdain for vegetables.  I can't blame you for this.

You are going thru, what I can only hope, is your intense headstrong phase.  Clearly at 2 you know more than the rest of us. 

You have a laughter and a smile which touches my heart, it makes the frustrating moments seem very worth it.  Have an amazing year my love.

Happy Birthday my littlest love!


  1. Dash 3 is a handsome young man, happy birthday.

  2. Aww, happy birthday little man! :)

  3. So handsome! Happy birthday to Dash3! :) The notes made me smile ... many similarities to my own 2 year old son. Boys are such fun.

  4. Happy Birthday Dash 3! You are a cutie!

  5. Happy Birthday Dash 3. We really miss you guys. The girls asked yesterday if dash 1 and dash 2 can come visit. They miss their bestfriends like I miss mine. Life just isnt the same without talking to you all the time. Hope everything is going good


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