Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dash2 is a door stopper

Yesterday dash2 went head first thru the screen door. 

Popped the sucker right out of the door.

Bonus points for me as a mother because I checked on his welfare before trying to snap a picture of him.  Sadly there is no photographic proof because he wouldn't throw mom a bone and stick his head back thru the door.

These missed opportunities make me sad. But then I tell myself that surely, in the next week or so, one of the dash boys will do something out of the ordinary and I'll be there to savor it forever with photographic evidence.

Oh and in case your wondering what I'm planning on doing with all these embarrassing pictures that I've compiled and will continue to do so for the rest of their lives, I'm going to offer to chip in for their wedding reception.  The clincher? I will be using embarrassing pictures as the centerpieces.

The one of dash2 wearing Lightening McQueen underpants and fireman boots in the middle of a stream is going to be a real winner.


  1. You are the mother I hope I will be. LOL!

    FYI... my capatcha had "headOmy" as the word. So very very apropos and funny.

  2. Haha - that's pretty much the greatest thing I've heard lately!

  3. You are the only person i know that can make me laugh and cry while reading one of your posts.
    I have truly missed your posts

  4. Now that is one great idea there. I think all the underwear shots I have of my persistently unpotty trained youngest will do nicely.


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