Friday, September 30, 2011

Check out AAFES for these....

Hello, my name is the mrs. and I'm a total sandal whore. 

I'd be totally content to wear sandals year round, shoot, I even have a pair of super comfy Nike sandals that I walk miles in and run on the treadmill in.  I usually wear sandals until we get our first major dumping of snow and then I generally give into the crappy snowy winters up here. 

After all, even I, a die hard sandal fan am not walking into 18 inches of snow in flip flops.

Today I was sporting these little beauties. 

Adorable right?

When I first got them I wondered if I could pull them off, and judging from the look on flyboy's face so was he, but they are fantastic and spiff up even my mom uniform of tee shirt and jeans. 

Because just like sandals, I live in tee shirts and jeans.  I'm quite a fashionista.

The soles were comfortable {don't you hate it when they are so thin you can feel every rock you step on?} the straps didn't leave a blister or a mark, and if I haven't mentioned it.... they were adorable.

Why a post about sandals? Simple, now you can find shoes this amazing at AAFES online! Our exchange tends to serve cadets and retirees and the rest of us can be damned.  Every time I go to the PX I always stroll thru the shoe section and the selection, in a word, is crap. Shoot the shoe boxes have more style.  Not shockingly I have yet to ever by a pair of shoes at our px.

But now I can order more sandals like these and, best part, wait for it, wait for it, they're CHEAPER FOR US! The pair I was sent sells for $45 at the Fibi & Clo store but they are $34 at aafes. 

Sigh.  I love a bargain.

I'm so long overdue on this post I'm embarrassed.  I was contacted by Fibi & Clo, a shoe company out of Austin, Tx  and sent a fantastic pair of sandals to try out over the summer but, well, my kids took over my life.  Did you know they demand to be feed and cared for daily?  Pssssh.

Now if we could just work on the clothing in the women section down there.  Not that my husband wouldn't love me to dress more like his mother....

I wonder if Fibi & Clo want to put a clothing line out for AAFES?

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  1. I am such a sandal whore too! I live in flip flops year round! (we're originally from florida and now in socal, so it's possible) We're moving back east next year to a place with actual seasons (and snow) and I'm going to be sad when I have to wear actual shoes (and boots)


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