Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I'm in the mood for a swap.  Anyone have any ideas?

Maybe an end of summer one?

A back to school swap?  Cause let me tell you, I am STOKED for back to school.

Or it could be a fall theme?

I dunno.  I'm just putting the feelers out there.


  1. I would love a fall theme!! I can't wait for fall to get here... finding things for it might be a bit tricky though.

  2. fall things swap? like pumpkin pies, sweaters, leaf prints, and other fall themed things? OOOOOOOOH! I has an idea, how bout a sweater swap where we swap a sweater from where we're from like I'd send a Pensacola or a FL sweater....No? yesh? Maybies?

  3. I'm throwing in a vote for back to school. I LOVE perusing the back to school catalogues... There's something exciting about it, even well past the age of school going. And I'm a nerd when it comes to stationery.

  4. fall has such pretty colors, I would vote fall


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