Thursday, June 30, 2011

So.... I'm alive

In case you were wondering, I'm alive and uterus free. 

And also in case you were wondering, no, having a hysterectomy is NOT like having a baby.  A hysterectomy hurts a shit ton more.

I've had three beautiful boys {part of the reason I was down with the hysterectomy} and with two of them for the most part they were drug free births. {This was totally unintentional, f- a drug free birth, our itty bitty Army Hospital doesn't do epidurals due to lack of staffing so I was shit out of luck and the crappy drugs they gave me lasted just about a half hr.}

Birth can be utterly painful, but once the baby is out the pain is over and I bounced back.  Shoot I was shopping the day I went home with dash 2 and again with dash 3.

So why wouldn't my uterus be the same way? 

Yeah I know it sounds really dumb when I say it outloud.

Moronic actually.  Cause let me tell you, losing an organ is no laughing matter, that shit really hurts.

3 days in the hospital and I was a hot mess let me tell you.  I was gray, vomiting, clutching a pillow to my tummy and shuffling around.  I was staying on a floor with some wounded warriors and I think I gave one quite a startle when I shuffled past his door with my pillow vomiting up bananas into my little baggie.  I wanted to apologize and tell him that the nurse next to me was making me walk but I just didn't have it in me.

Right now I'm 2 1/2weeks post op and I'm feeling better.  I was starting to feel really good and then my parents left and flyboy went back to work so in the same vain, I went back to work too.  When they tell you not to do any lifting or anything heavy for 4-6 weeks they aren't kidding.  Picking up and putting down dash3 repeatedly {even though he's a relative lightweight} wasn't good and vacuuming the whole house was just dumb. 

So my mom came back up to help out and I spent several days re-recuperating and now I'm feeling better.  Again. 

The nurse went back over what I'm supposed to do and not do, apparently my uterus must have been a command post for common sense because I seem to be lacking some but only a few more weeks and I'll be good as new.

And now I need a new excuse not to have sex.  DAMMIT!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Are shorts timeless?

Weigh in here folks. 

Whats the verdict on shorts?  A do or a don't?

You guys are wondering what the hell I'm talking about aren't you?

Let me explain.... today it is 91 degrees up here in the Northeast as just a smidge less humid than it would be in Manilla.  Its miserable.  And of course, today was dash2's little bike a thon at his nursery school.  Seeing as though it was 11 and feeling like it was the underarms of the tropics outside, I wore shorts, as I do pretty much all damn summer.

Here's the thing, I was the only one wearing shorts.

It was hot people.  Way to hot for pants. Or capris. 

Which a little sidenote on capris, they are adorable and I do have a pair or two but come on! They are only a couple of inches shorter than jeans, even in lighter material they aren't THAT much cooler.

In fact it was hot enough that if I was 20 pounds lighter I'd have stood their in my bathing suit, although I am sure that would have been horribly inappropriate and mildly embarrassing to dash2.

So I'm curious.... after a certain age do women retire their shorts?  Cause I am NOT on board with that. As long as a pair of shorts cover my ass, I'm struttin my stuff.

Flyboy and I were talking about this today and he finds this curious, if you can do it tastefully, why not wear shorts?  Granted, everyone has their body part that they are self concious about, I'm not a fan of my upper arms whereas my legs have never bothered me.  I'm hardly a size 4 but I'm not in the plus sizes either, but then again, I see plenty of plus sizes girls rockin the shorts at the mall the other day. 

So what's your take on this.... do shorts have an age limit?