Sunday, May 15, 2011

Annoyances with a side of bewilderment

There are days I'm pretty sure I should be living on an island somewhere in the Pacific all by my lonesome, from the way my husband used to describe Wake Island, laying in a hammock drinking beer, it doesn't sound like such a bad life.

That and people annoy the living bejezzus out of me from time to time. 

I'm actually relatively good at letting some things go.  I think military life is good for that, when one is running around taking over the slack of a parent who isn't around, you get pretty good at picking and choosing what is going to ruffle your feathers.  But then.... then the little things just sneak on in and annoy me.

Top of my list these days:

-people who idle outside of a store while waiting for someone inside. 

Now if you want to sit in your car with the darn thing running when gas cost $4.09 knock your socks off.  But here is a brilliant idea.  Park in a spot and keep your eye on the door you inconsiderate moron.  Because when you park in front of the sloppey part of the sidewalk  people in wheelchairs and pushing their kids in carts cant GET IN THE DAMN STORE! 

You know I once saw a guy parked ON the sidewalk in front of the Target?  I will admit I actually stood there and stared because I couldn't quite believe it.  {And in case your wondering, no, no he did not seem to like me staring at him and waved at me.  With one finger.}

But really.... who PARKS on the SIDEWALK? What he couldn't fit his suv thru the doors?

- Much like the one above, people who park in handicap spots so they can just "dash" in real quick.  I noticed a tow truck did this today.  His tow truck was too long for the spots so he pulled horizontally in over both of the handicap spots AND blocking the ramp to the sidewalk.  Really guy?  You couldn't have done the same thing four spaces down?

- Cops driving at warp speed talking on their cell phones.  We live in a handsfree state and since we also live in a broke-ass state they are seriously cracking down on talking while driving.  I have no problems with this, if your breakign the law and get caught than pay up.  I'm much more for this than taxing the hell out of people.

Anyways, the other day dash2 and I were walking into the gym {I was pushing dash3 in the stroller in case you were wondering if I left him in the car} and we were almost plowed down by a cop who was going well over the village speed limit of 25 mph.  And he was talking on his cell phone.  And his lights weren't on so don't give me the it was an emergency line.  If it was he should have turned on his siren and lights.

I respect cops but bottom line, if I have to follow the law so do you.  And please don't run over my kids and I.

- Now this one isn't so much an annoyance as it is a bewilderment.... people putting soda in their baby bottles.  I saw this not once but twice this week.  {and in an even more shocking twist I was only out at Target twice this week. How did THAT happen?!}

Here's my thinking, if your kid needs a bottle they don't need soda.  If you feel they are old enough for soda  than they probably don't need a bottle.

I love me my soda....I'm not an anti-soda persona, its my crack, hence why my kids wont be touching it for quite a while.

There you go. That's what's going on in my head these days.  If you need me I'll be looking around for a deserted island.


  1. "Here's my thinking, if your kid needs a bottle they don't need soda. If you feel they are old enough for soda than they probably don't need a bottle." So

  2. I didn't realize that people actually put pop in their kids (babies?) bottles. That just seems so wrong!

  3. Geez I won't even put juice in my baby's bottles. That is what a sippy cup is for, and we are in the process of bottle breaking.

  4. I have never seen soda in a baby bottle, but I have a feeling I would react the same way as you if I did!

    I love your rant posts, I should join you with a rant post over on my blog. I'm due to write something, now that the husband has gone off to school.

  5. We had Frank's section chief's over for dinner a couple of months ago and this girl (and I say girl because she was maybe 19, tops) put SWEET TEA in her son's bottle. I almost died. Seriously, what gives? Did I miss when this became "appropriate?"

  6. LOL! Just thought I'd throw out there that living on a deserted island is pretty nice for awhile. Then you sit up and think, good, grief, I gotta DO SOMETHING..but there's nothing to do but lay back down on your hammock. That's when you know you need to escape your escape for a bit. Of course, doing that reminds you why you picked the deserted island in the first place, so you happily return.


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