Sunday, April 24, 2011

We've been here too long

No really, this December will be nine years of marriage and we've been here the whole damn time. 

Told you its been a long damn time.

All three boys were born here, as far as life goes, this is all they know.  And from time to time that terrifies me.

I'll drop the mystery for a minute of where we are.... are you dying of curiosity?  Its.... NY. 

Yeah yeah yeah, I know what your saying, "Oh I didn't know there were Marines in NY."  Yes. Yes there are.  I hear that all the time.  There are Marines everywhere.  But there aren't a hell of a whole lot of them up here so it can get that isolated Siberian feel up here.

If there were a lot of velour track suits in Siberia that is.

I know that's a stereotype but this state does seem to be the capital of velour track suit wearing people. 

But anyways, I drift, velour track suits seem to do that to me, we've been here way to long.  Short of the fact its been almost nine years wanna know how else I know?

-When talking about Father's Day gift ideas {which since he'll be just getting back from a boys week in Ireland is probably going to be zip, zero, zilch} dash-1 suggested maybe a big, gold necklace.  Try as I might I can not for the life of me think of my dear flyboy wearing a big ol gold chain.

-Dash-2 and I now say Hot Dawg rather than hot dog.

-Dash-2 thinks {and is correct in this thought} that NY style pizza is the only type of pizza out there.  All others are cheap imitations and not worth his time or taste buds. 

I'll admit, I'm amazed and a little proud that my little 4 year old can navigate a giant piece of NY pizza without missing a beat.

-The other day I pull all my hair in a ponytail. My bangs were a bit poofed back, not quite all Snookie but there was a bit of a bump going on, here's the problem, I liked it. A lot.

Fear not though, I haven't taken up the fake tanning so I'm not Snookie umpa-lumpa orange. I'm just rockin the bump.

-While visiting the south last month, I was frustrated NUMEROUS times with the slow pace down there. HURRY THE HECK UP! Sweet Jesus, people have things to do, and well, even if I don't I certainly don't care to stand around and watch you dwaddle while you try to get your crap done. 

See? I've turned into that obnoxious impatient NY'er.  I scare myself.

We need orders.  ASAP. 

Too bad they probably aren't coming anytime soon. 

Until then I'm just gonna be chilling with my hair bump eating some greasy pizza enjoying life.  In a velour track suit.


  1. OMG I need some NY style pizza, ASAP! I used to live off of Papa John's pizza. Then we moved up to northern NY and continued to live off of pizza, but local pizza. Now, I'm back in the south and I can't find a pizza to satisfy my cravings anymore. Sigh. I miss pizza!

  2. LOL Sounds like you have adapted a bit. ;) My mother was teasing me this weekend that I have much more of a drawl these days. I moved a whole state south from VA to NC almost 15 years ago. My big yikes is that in 2 more years, I'll have been here half my life. Eek!

  3. Wow... I didn't know the military would let anyone stay put that long. P commented that he was glad that we'd only have to do this (move) six more times, not counting my move to join him.

    I hope the Marines see fit to send you somewhere warm, when (if?) they ever let you move!

  4. LOL! Love it! But we need a pic of the Snookie hair!

  5. Hey I know you prolly won't be able to tell me yes or no, but if your flyboy flys into McGuire AFB in New Jersey, then I'm the one he is talking to! The Marines just moved their flying squadrons to our base!

  6. My husband is from Jersey, I'm from Illinois. Pizza is a constant source of contention in our house. I completely understand how it can be polarizing. :)

  7. As a born and raised new yorker I have to say living in alabama is rough but eek I'm starting to like it. The slow pace and all that sweet tea was killing me in the beginning. Even the southern accents get me, as everyone points out that I say dawg and many many other common words with a NY accent. Oh well. I'd honestly say that I'd never want to live there again if it wasn't for the NY pizza.


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