Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Still time to swap!

We just got back from a week on the road with the kiddos and so I'm extending the swap signups for a couple days to give folks a chance to jump on the ship o'fun. Yes the swap is still going on, I'm just {as always} a bit behind, but come on! Join the fun!!!


Spring is coming, Easter is around the corner, pretty soon trees will be budding and flowers a bloomin.  But you wanna know what makes me the most excited?  Easter candy hitting the shelves.

Cadbury eggs, Brachs marshmallow eggs, robins eggs.  Be still my heart.  And my growing backside.

So I'll about an Easter Candy Swap, are you?

Like I always say, I like to keep my swaps simple, so this one is much the same with a small twist.

The theme is Spring/Easter, but there will be a little twist, for this swap along with Easter goodies you think your partner will like {I'll send you their answers to the questions} you send AT LEAST one of YOUR favorite easter candies.

Here are the main points:
-$ 10 dollar limit {excluding postage} as always you can spend more but you DO NOT NEED to
- think festive, maybe use some easter grass, hide things in eggs, think outside the box basket
- get your box to your partner a few days BEFORE Easter {those of you mailing to APO/FPO take this into consideration when mailing}

Wanna join?

Sign up by sending an email at tryingourbest at yahoo Sign ups will be until Friday April 1st.

If you wouldnt mind answer these few questions in your email:
-Any food allergies?
-Favorite part of spring?
-Food/candy likes and dislikes?
-Are you willing to ship to an APO/FPO {for those of you who are nonmilitary, it cost you nothing extra, its the same as mailing within the US, only a customs form needs to be filled out, easy peasy.}
 -best email to reach you at {also if you want your blog address and twitter info}
and anything else you want to add.

I'll email partner information, including their answers a couple days after the sign ups end.  

As always, I try to do my best to make these swaps as much fun and as painfree as possible, please please please, only sign up with you really are going to go thru with it! It stinks, to put it mildly, when someones partner craps out on them. 

And don't forget to spread the word, tweet it, blog it, blab it.


  1. Just sent you an email! and I posted a blog about it

  2. Hi! I am a new marine wife and I've started blogging! Just found your blog and can't wait to read! Like I said, just getting started, but I'm here: qdevildogs.blogspot.com . How do you get the cute "The Mrs." signature at the bottom of your blog? I like the personalized font.

  3. Hi! I emailed you before your vacay, I can email you again if you need it! So excited! XOXO


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