Saturday, February 5, 2011

to tweet a tweet about twitter, oh wait this is a blog.

I'm cheating on my blog.

Or at least it feels that way since I've found twitter {@mrs_flyboy}last year. I've got ubertwitter right there on my crackberry and so its always there, right at the end of my arm.

{And while my husband mocks me for always having my phone on having a Kindergartner with asthma and severe food allergies and a overzealous very on the ball nurse I get a call from school at least once a day.}

Since having adding dash 3, entering the school age phase shuffle, flyboy's {never changing} here there everywhere schedule, blogging sometimes takes a backseat.  That and I don't know what to say, dammit I've said it all on twitter. After all, think of something type it. 

Do you tweet?  Do you tend to follow tweets more than tweeting? What do you look for in a twitter tweeter?

I could use a few good recommendations, I'm in the market for some witty twitty repertoire.  Twitter recommends people but I don't quite get what the hell they are thinking with some of them.  Someone who tweets funny pictures of cats?  For God's sakes I don't even like cats.

So if you tweet who are your top 3 funny follows?


  1. I follow too many people for so many reasons. The best way I've found to find new people to follow is to look through the tweeters of the people you follow.

  2. I would have to rank you up there at my #1 funny follow :-)

  3. Well, you definitely make my top 3 funny follows! The dash brothers never disappoint. ;-)

  4. I have many favorite people to follow... but you are, by far, my funniest.

  5. I am just getting into blogging..and yes now I do tweet...I am waiting for you to say you have a facebook account. To be frank....its has become a job to manage all three! LOLOLOL

  6. You are, without a doubt, The funniest I follow.
    Rainn Wilson is a distant second.

  7. yes I tweet, sometimes too much, sometimes not enough

  8. I like witty twitters...but I hate when people tweet constantly in a row. It drives me mad. If you are going to write 6 tweets in a row about the same thing get a blog!

    I have to say Twitter has fallen off my radar for some time now. I still religiously follow @danieltosh

    Thats about it. Other than that I never see what/who else is commenting.
    You should totally get the Face Book.
    Go on...take the next step...

  9. Faaaaaaaceboooooooook!!!

    Anyway, now that I've said that for the hundredth time, I'll go ahead and let you know that you would have 0 interest in the people I follow on twitter. It's mostly geek stuff, CrossFit stuff or paleo stuff. Not exactly witty. :-p

  10. I'd have to say @daddyrunsalot is a favorite. Look forward to his "Inappropriate Church Tweet Theater" each Sunday. He plays the organ at church. Enough said.
    @wivesinblogland is fun and so is @mommywantsvodka. Give those a try!

    Margaret (@goodbadfamily)

  11. One tweep/blogger that I really like and who you may enjoy is @supa (real name Mary Beth). She's a crafty (as in making crafts) SAH mommy blogger who used to live in Baltimore, but now lives in PA. I read her blog for a few years and think she is hilarious.


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