Monday, February 21, 2011

My rant of the day

Buckle your seat belts boys and girls, mama's gettin ready for a rant.

{side note: Do I have any boys reading this? Besides flyboy, he blog stalks and never leaves a comment.}

So anyways, on the etsy front, things are going well.  Feedback is nothing but delightful, everyone seems really pleased with products that they've purchased, especially these bad boys, the Blue Service Stars.

And then today I got a call from my mother that someone sent us a nasty gram via a conversations {for those of you who aren't etsy-fied its kinda of a direct message}.  Apparently as a blue star mom she took issue with the fact that we sell our blue stars and are not just giving them away like she is. 

I sent back a very polite reply that we are all entitled to our opinions and that my mother has certainly does her fair share of giving and that since I'm part of the military community that she thinks we are taking advantage of I found her insinuation doubly insulting. 

Obviously I don't think we are taking advantage of military folks.  One, I'm military folk, two I'm not a scumball.  That really kinda sums it up. 

But you know I couldn't leave it there.... I'm too wordy for that.

I hope you all don't feel that we are taking advantage of anyone, let alone the people who serve our country or the people who stay behind and parent alone, comfort upset kids alone, stick their hands down a toilet to retrieve an entire roll of toilet paper, clean up vomit at all hours of the night.... you guessed it.... alone.

{And yes, in case you were wondering, this week I did in fact get to pull out wads and wads of toilet paper from a pee filled toilet because someone thought it would be funny and then someone else figured they would still pee in it.}

We've priced these are low as we can get em, without actually giving them away, and well since I do love a giveaway, we do give quite a few away.  And my mother wouldn't like it if I pointed out all the nice stuff that she does on the dow low because she likes to stay on the down low. 

They are priced to basically cover cost and we try to keep the shipping as low as we can make it, in fact they are sized so that we could send them in 1st class mail vice priority. 

I'm not trying to turn this into some infomercial for how great our store is {but it is amazing check it out! Blue Bird Crafting } but I was annoyed and I wanted to clear the air.

Upon closer reflection this rant was kinda disappointing, I apologize. I was distracted a bit by dash-2 standing next to me in a fireman hat and his underpants. 

And I didn't want to upset my mother by going to town on what a clueless moron I might have thought that lady was.  I mean if you don't like something fine but you really shouldn't go emailing people and telling them, IN ALL CAPS, that you take issue with something when you don't know the whole scoop. 

Silly lady, that's what a blog is for.



    First of all, who says that it's wrong for you to sell them? I'm obviously all for supporting the military, but I don't expect to be given things for free ALL the time. The Blue Stars are perfectly priced, it's not like your mom has them selling for $50-$100 a piece.

    Geeze o pete people. Get a life!

  2. That's obnoxious. Not you, but the angry blue star mom. As a milspouse, I try to support other military families with my purchases when I can. Your stars are very reasonably priced, and I had no problem paying for one (and everyone who sees it loves it!). Tell your mom not to let the morons out there get to her!

  3. Wow. Just... wow. I will refrain from commenting on the character of those who fire off nastygrams on the Internet, but I do want to chime in and say that I see absolutely nothing unreasonable or gouging about the prices on Blue Bird Crafting. I still think the blue star (at which I am looking right now) I purchased was a bargain, and I'd cheerfully pay for another. I certainly don't feel taken advantage of.

  4. I LOVE my banner and so you know, I paid just $1 more for it than I did for a cheapy printed (nylon?) one at the local Army Surplus store. I'd SO MUCH rather support a crafter, but especially one that makes beautiful, quality items!

  5. i bought one of those from you and i am more than happy that i payed for it. I love supporting military families, and i think its great that you are making and selling them. Wonderful quality and they are worth every penny!

  6. Wow. If she wants them given away, I can color a blue star on a piece of paper. It's not like these are things that are mandatory (though I still feel they are must-haves since they are totally awesome!).

    I need tampons and pads and toilet paper (sorry, couldn't resist)... yet I still have to pay for those. Huh... maybe I should get mad at the stores for not giving them to me because I NEED them and I feel I'm being taken advantage of because I have to pay for them.

  7. Wow! Some people are just ridiculous. I thought $10 was cheap!! I don't expect anyone to give me anything just because my husband is in the military. It's nice when it does happen, but I don't expect to be given anything especially from a site like Etsy where people SELL THINGS.

  8. Nobody NEEDS a blue star. It's a nice thing to have. Why don't people give the Military more free stuff!? I'd like a washer that was bigger than 2cuFt. Idk, it's quality worth paying for, and honestly, I'm not pissed off that I don't receive more free things. Right now, my husband is home, and we are going to the beach. That's my concern.I don't think you and your mom are screwing anybody. Especially in this economy. Wait until payday, I'm buying one of these and writing the most awesome sap filled good review of that store ever. I'm gonna pay, and say how happy I am, because it was worth every cent! YOU'LL SEE CRAZY ETSY LADY!!! I'LL SHOW YOU!

  9. I'm confused... is it just etsy/military items or are we demanding this of all manufacturers?

    Just curious. I need to know how to schedule my protest time. ;-)

  10. A load of crap! Really? I love my blue star! In fact, I clicked on the link and saw that now your mama makes one with THREE stars, which is perfect for my MIL since Gunner, his brother, and his brother's daughter are all active duty Army. It's been purchased and paid for, and I know she will be excited to receive it!

  11. People suck.

    You should know after coveting the blue star flag for so long I broke down and bought one. Put it in a frame just hours after getting it. There are some things in your house you like. And some things you love. I love that banner and couldn't believe it was ONLY $10. Its beautiful, heirloom quality. I love looking at it. It hangs proudly in our living room and you probably have had atleast 4 purchases just from people seeing mine.

  12. I have always been obsessed with your mom's blue star banners. But, Scott got out of the Army right around the time you debuted the banner on here, so I felt like I shouldn't buy one. Every time I see it though, I'm still tempted to buy one because it is that beautiful and totally worth the price. $10 is NOTHING to pay for something that beautifully crafted!

  13. Wow, that is just crazy. I'm waiting to get one myself until we are actually in blue star mode, but you better believe I'm hopping over and BUYING one. Not that I wouldn't love being given one, of course, but it's worth it to spend money on, to me. I don't think she's going to earn a better seat in Heaven just for giving away blue stars when you aren't.

  14. I'm surprised you don't charge more for something so beautifully handmade! I'm not a very crafty person at all so I'm ashamed to say I made my own flag out of craft foam! Honestly didn't want to pay $20 or so for a printed nylon flag and thought it would mean more if I made one myself... but I would definitely buy one of yours!

  15. You don't even charge enough for shipping!

  16. ditto to JG - I have been waiting until our blue star situation actually happens, but I was 100% planning on yours. Free is great and if I won one, I wouldn't complain, but it definitely is a totally reasonable price and definitely something WORTH paying for.


  17. I'm not going to say what I really want to say...since this is a family friendly blog and all. May just have to DM it to you :)

  18. then the base exchanges are wrong because they sell them too. And why stop there? By that logic, paying for American flags must be unfair too...

    My brain hurts.

    And those blue stars your mom makes? Absolutely beautiful.


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