Friday, February 25, 2011

my home friend

Last night I had dinner with a friend, not just any friend but my bestie.  Two hours that refreshed my soul.

For some reason we have this entire week off of school, who knows the logic, I sure don't, and we still have spring break in April so perhaps this is just some sort of teaser who knows.  But flyboy's away, we were off, so why not come home for a quick visit.

Ma had the kids, I was off duty, a last minute text that resulted in a last minute dinner, but that's just sorta the way her and I roll.  She's my best friend, my home friend.  We met in a crappy job fresh out of high school.

And please people, trust me when I say crappy, it was a student aide position in the Financial Aide office and they too joy in making our lives miserable, they actually took away our scissors at one point to make us feel like true idiots.

But we found each other there.  We were similar but different, she's barely 5" and I tower over her at 5"7.  She was a bit shy and quite and I was a bit louder, maybe that's why they took the scissors away from me first.  I dressed a la GAP and she was more goth, thank goodness she worked her way thru that one and joined me on the preppy side.

We were inseparable, we worked together, took classes together, ate dinner after school together, we just kicked it I suppose you could say.

Then we both transferred to other colleges and we drifted some, we got married, we both moved away from home, but yet we still find our way back to each other.

I think its a sign of an amazing friendship when you can go without talking and pick right back up where you left off.  We have that.

Sometimes flyboy will ask when I last talked to pen-meister I'll shrug and say "I dunno".  And he'll just make some kinda face.  But that's us.

We hadn't talk a lot lately, but dinner last night was great.  I laughed so hard I had to put my head down on the table.  For 2 hours, everything else in the world was on the back burner and we just talked.

About nothing and everything and anything in between.

hey friend.... shalom


  1. A friend like that is such a blessing. It's great to be with someone who really gets you. I'm so happy that you had that chance to hang out and recharge!

  2. Awesome! Everyone needs a friend like that in their life. Glad you got to spend time with yours. :)

  3. Moments like that are priceless! Now I really miss my out of state friends.

  4. thats amazing, i love friends like that! I am so glad you got to have some time with your home friend!

  5. Awwww..I had a blast! Lord knows we have enough fodder for laughing! Thanks for inviting me out, it was def. a welcome surprise to know you were in our old stomping grounds and Ledo's never disappoints.
    I'm glad we got to catch up, I miss just running errands and grabbing a quick ice cream and scenic route drive.
    I know you're not touchy feely but deal with this:
    I love you and I always miss you!

    ps. I'm still not allowed to have scissors at work... :(

  6. That girlfriend time with someone that knows you like that is priceless. Good for the mind, body and soul! I'm glad you got some good adult time.

  7. I'm glad you got to meet up with your friend. Its alwasy nice to catch up with people esp kid free. Hopefully we will get to catch up soon, Your the only person I feel I can talk to about anything so I feel all bottled up. I miss you


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