Friday, January 21, 2011

Would you?

On my way to fetch dash-1 from school {he could ride the bus but ever since the afternoon driver left him on the bus the second day of school he, surprisingly, isn't keen on riding home from school} I saw a car pulled over on the side of the road.  Like everything in life it got me thinking..... here goes....

So the guy looked like a college age kid, he was walking around his car, looking mighty pissed off, having just had "car issues" {mine turned out to be that my 5 yr old let marbles loose in the car jamming the seat down holding my spare tire hostage, probably not this guys problem} I could relate to the look on his face.

The road was the main drag thru the village, not a total desolate road, a horse farm a little bit ahead, the village itself about 3 miles away.  I felt bad for the guy.  Car problems suck.  I thought about stopping to see if he needed some help, not that I was going to change the guys tire if that's what was wrong or be of any use assessing the situation, but I felt kinda bad just blowing by. 

But at the same time, in the back of my head, I thought, there is no way I am ever stopping this car to help someone, you never know these days.  Even if its some old lady, maybe she's the bait.

Clearly I have watched too many Criminal Minds episodes. 

Yet, really, now days, safety first right? 

Flyboy, once back in his younger, stupider days, stopped to helped someone in the pouring rain, long story short she asked him for a ride to her crack daddy's house.  Awkward.  He's since adopted a very leary stopping policy.  He'll shovel out old ladies in parking lots till the cows come home but he's thinking long and hard before ever stopping again.

So would you stop?  Have you stopped? Does it make a difference if its a man or a woman?  Older or younger? Day or night? Whether or not you've ever watched Criminal Minds?

Go talk amongst yourselves, report back, I'll be here.....


  1. Oh heck no! Unless I know the person, I'm not stopping. But, I'm also probably the most paranoid person you will ever meet. I trust absolutely no one... especially if it's just little ol' me. If I had my husband with me, it might be different. I have a ton of irrational fears and Scott makes fun of me for being so paranoid half the time... but you know what? It's kept me safe thus far! :)

  2. I stopped once. The entire time, I was thinking "If this guy doesn't kill me, my dad (a LEO) is gonna ..."

    I woudln't. You say there was help within walking distance, he was healthy, he likely had a phone ..

    Agree with the poster above, if the man was with me ... maybe.

    If kids were with me, I don't care if its a nun, I'm not stopping.

  3. I wouldn't have stopped either. The most I would have done is lock the doors, lower the window a smidgen, and ask if he needed me to call someone, with the car in drive and my foot on the gas. But then again, if it was a man, probably not.

    I'm a skeptic. When gunner is with me and we see women in distress, I make him stop and help.

    All that being said, I was stranded at the shoppette on post at Hood and needed a ride to my house, so I asked two Soldiers that had been helping me try to jumpstart the car, to drive me home. I guess with me hauling a carseat along for the ride, they figured I wasn't too crazy.

    Little did they know. :) On the bright side, if I saw you on the side of the road, I would stop. :)

  4. I always call the non-emergency police number and let them know where the person was stopped at. It's *SP in most places. That way I send help, but I'm not putting myself in harms way.

  5. I would never, ever stop- especially if I had my kids with me. Looks terrible written out that way, but I'm too scared something crazy would happen. I also watch too much Tv: Six Feet Under? Nip Tuck? Oh yeah, both had episodes where the stranded guy in distress ended up being a crazy serial killer type. That would be my luck!

    Once, back when I was a teenager, my boyfriend and I were coming home from the beach and had extra sandwiches and cans of pop in a cooler when we passed a homeless man on the side of the road with a sign. We pulled over and offered our extra to him and he went crazy, yelling and screaming that he didn't need our charity and he needed money not food. That scared me too. He was either mentally ill or on drugs (or both) and could have knifed us, who knows!

    I *might* stop on base if someone were having car trouble. Even then never know what you're gonna get. It's probably wiser to call 911 from the safety of your car if the people look really in need of help.

    Watch and see, I'll get stranded myself now, my cell phone will be dead and no one will stop to help me :P

  6. I stopped a few years ago in the snow. A lady was clearly and didn't know what to do, I am a savvy New Englander so I know all the tricks. The first trick was to be the first to pull over, I knew that if I stopped someone else would stop and I was right. I was on my way to work and there had to of been 100 cars that drove right by her. But once I got out, in my work clothes and not at all prepared to push a car, a truck stopped and he offered up some kitty litter for traction and we got her going.

  7. Ummmm, NO.
    I wouldn't stop.
    And no, I haven't seen Criminal Minds.

    ....even if it was an older lady, I'm not sure how much I could do for her in the way of mechanics or something like that.

  8. I believe in stopping only because it once saved my mom's life. My mom's car went completely dead in the middle of the freeway while it was pitch black. She had no lights, no hazards, nothing. She also had no way to get to safety herself, and no cell phone. She just happened to leave it at home that day. Thanks to one man who almost hit her car, then decided to park behind her and turn his hazards on, she is still alive. He also went out and got my mom into his truck for safety and called 911. If it wasn't for him my mom would have had to make a mad dash across 6 lines of freeway traffic, or sit there until someone hit her. I thank God every day for that angle that stopped and helped her.

  9. Depends on the situation really. In a situation like yours- healthy male, help nearby- no go. He can walk and get what he needs. I have stopped several times, but it is always for women. I figure the least I can do offer to call someone. If my husband is with me, we stop more often for people, but generall still for women, or elderly men. Sorry guys! lol I still remember being 16, coming home from my first job and my car quitting beside the road. The only cell phones back then were the large "brick" type, and very expensive. A rather intimidating older man stopped and asked if I needed help. I would only roll my window down a smidge, but I gave him my mom's number and sure enough he called her. Thank goodness, otherwise I would have been stranded in the dark until my mom came looking for me!

  10. No..and that sucks, doesnt it. Because society has turned out a bunch of winners, we cannot help out a friend in need. Times are different now. I have blown by people like that..and you do feel awful. And shoot me for being honest, but if it looked like a mom with a small child, in the snow, where there was no way she could walk. I try and call those roadside assistance people. But honestly, then I think.. do you have a cell phone. One more reason why "On star" should get off their high horse and offer there service to all vehicles. I would pay a monthly for piece of mind. And kitty litter for traction...okay..learned something new.

  11. Gotta say, I am a situational person too. In tnis one, no. If I see someone who truly looks helpless, I may slow down, drop a window, and see if they need me to call help. I got furiously upset one time on I-95 when we had a flat and everyone flew by, but they really never know. I carry AAA and a cell always, for a reason. That's a toughie!

  12. Um definitely not! I'm the kind of person who if I'm driving down a dark road at night and there is a man standing in the middle of the road trying to stop me, I'm either going to run him over or he's going to dive out of the way of my car. I'm obsessed with Criminal Minds and I've definitely learned a thing or two from them hahaha :)

  13. I don't know...honestly.


    Having had a flat tire this summer, I am THANKFUL beyond belief that someone else DID stop for me.

    I was driving back from Charlotte, NC after dropping my husband off at the airport up there. It was about 11:00 a.m., and it was already 95° outside. I was getting off one highway and onto another...rounding a fairly sharp curve, when I heard a "flap-flap-flap" sound that was scary. I slowed down, started shifting right (I was in the left lane). Felt the "thudthudthud" of the tire. Managed to limp off the shoulder and out of the way.

    No panic, since I KNOW how to change a tire. But it was blasted hot and I had my kids in the car. I didn't want them on the side of the road, so I left them inside, with the car running so they could stay cool).

    Started working on the tire, watching cars blow by me, PRAYING someone would stop.
    A Harley flies by, goes up the ramp...then comes down the wrong way on the ramp shoulder, and I thought, "Really, God? A HARLEY guy? You KNOW I don't like them!" But he was kind, and quick and started to help me. And 2 minutes later, the "HERO rescue" truck showed up. No, he didn't get a call, he told me. He just happened to be out on a routine run to check for disabled cars.

    So, I am THRILLED that I was helped. And yes, I think that the next time, I WILL stop. If nothing else, but to offer a phone for a call if needed.

  14. I would never stop if I was alone, not because I didn't want to help, but for my safety. I feel bad saying that though because I have had more than one person help me on the side of the road or parking lot when I was having car problems.

  15. Criminal Minds reference = amazing!
    I love that show.
    I do not stop. It would make a difference if it was a male and dark outside, but where I live it's just not smart to be stopping your car for random strangers. Too much violence happens in the middle of the day with tons of people around nowadays to do that.
    I wish we could go back to Mayberry and trust each other, but until then I'll just keep my cell phone and AAA card handy for if my car ever takes a dump on the side of the road. And a can of mace just in case some psycho tries to stop and "help".


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