Thursday, January 13, 2011

Who am I?

I've been putting something off for a couple of days.  Well not really putting it off, more like trying to figure out what to say.  I had to write a bio about myself.  Sounds awful right?

And to make matters worth, it wasn't anything major, just a couple lines.  How hard is a couple of lines about yourself.  Especially when I have YEARS written about me here. 

{Sidenote: would that be irony? I'm quite confused about that word since Alanis Morisette did the song about it and every English major got their panties in a crunch about the incorrect usage of the word.}

I had the email up on my laptop for two days trying to figure out what to say about my life.  How do you sum up what you do in 3 words.  Within the first line where the words wife and mom.  Obviously, I mean I am a wife and mother.  A stay at home mom at that.  Then when I went to expand on that I drew a blank. 

A blank that lasted 3 days and ended up with a few moments of thinking, holy crap is there nothing to me outside of motherhood?

Here's the thing, motherhood is it right now.

That's who I am. 

I'm dash-1's mom.

I'm dash-2's mom.

I'm dash-3's mom.

Oh and I'm flyboy's wife.

I change diapers, I wipe butts, I pick out clothes, help kids get dressed, do laundry, make breakfast and lunch, oh and dinner.

I help with homework,  take group snack in for class, come up with nifty edible crafts for class parties, organize gifts for the teachers, I write little notes to stick in lunches.

I make sure everyone has what they need when they go out the door, I wipe faces off, remind people to wash their hands after picking their noses, check boo boos when they fall, I sit butts in time out for nastiness, I read stories and kiss foreheads.

That's what I do.

I don't work outside the home, I don't have an office, I don't get a paycheck, I'm *just* a mom.  

That's who I am.

I kinda like it.

So I'm more than ok with that being the crux of my bio.

Though just to clarify, with the exception of the lunch and dinner thing, flyboy does all that stuff on his own.  I'm just here to love and support him.  He's quite able, thankfully, to wipe his own butt. 
{When my bio is published I'll link it up and let you guys know!}


  1. Published, eh?? Sounds intriguing. :)

  2. Being *just* a mom is highly important says another SAHM. :) And, by the way, personally I think you need to add "comedian" to your bio.

  3. hey hey hey! i think you're kind of awesome:)

    it's about what you do, what you love:)

  4. This is so ironic- I've been working on the same thing all week. (For a project I'm still not entirely sure will ever get off the ground, lol) It's really tough to convey to others who you are when you can't slap an easy label on it: I'm a teacher, I'm an accountant, I'm a student perusing a degree in ____, I own a business, etc...

    "I'm a wife and mom" doesn't have the same ring to it. *I* think it's pretty awesome to be "just" a wife and Mom, but the rest of the world usually doesn't. (So sad! But true)

    At the end of the day though, school and work isn't who we are anyway. Still it's difficult to cram all your dreams, goals, ambitions and passions into a few sentences isn't it?

  5. I gotta say, you definitely give me hope that I won't have an identity crisis when I finally have kids! It's very good to know that being a mom and a wife is fulfilling all on its own. There are so many stories in our media about "the unfulfilled stay at home mom", but that conflicts with what I hear *actual* moms saying -- including my sisters, my mom, and my mommy blogger friends.

    Can't wait to read the bio! And I agree with the comment above, you really must mention that you're the stand-up comedian of the milspouse blogosphere. :)

  6. I know when you said "just a mom" you weren't minimizing the importance of what you do.. however, I want to boost you even more.
    You mold young minds. You are giving precious time and training to three special little humans. What you are doing now, affects those little boys for the rest of their lives. It's more important than any job you could be getting paid for.
    You're rocking the SAHM thing!

  7. Is what you do really who you are? It's a very American sentiment because we devote so much time to our jobs, whatever they might be. But I think who you are is more than a sum of what you do.


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