Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Time for my answers

* On a hot dog, there MUST, must, be ketchup, mustard, onions, chili, cheese, all that other stuff would be delightful but a hot dog can not be consumed unless ketchup is on it.  Hmmm, now I'm thinking about having chili dogs one night this week.....

* I'm guessing my answer to the stay at home or working mom question is fairly obvious.  Bonus points to you guys who guessed my answer would be stay at home mom. 

There are times I think having a job and outside interaction might be an aid to my sanity, but especially with flyboy's schedule and our lifestyle, being the constant fixture around all the time works for us. Not to mention I do firmly believe if I give birth to the little booger machines then it's my job to raise them, and in my own opinion {deep breaths people} if they are in daycare for a majority of the week than some of that is being taken on by other people.

Holy crap I'm waiting for the nasty grams for that one.  But its just my opinion folks.  And really, when it comes to parenting, whos to say what's right, shoot I could be going about this all wrong....

* When I got married, without a second thought, I took my husband's name.  Don't get me wrong I loved my maiden name, but I was marrying my husband and we were becoming our own little family and a new name came with it. 

That and flyboy would have had a shit fit had I hyphenated. And I'm lazy and didn't want to have a name that long.

* I love ice cream.  I love cake.  I love ice cream cake.  I do not, however, like ice cream AND cake.  I hate it when the ice cream starts to melt and runs into the cake and then the cake gets soggy and little cake bits are floating in your ice cream.  Yuck. Its like having lint in your ice cream.

And who wants that?

For my birthday I had cake. Just cake.  A kick ass vanilla cake with amazing vanilla icing that all happened to be egg free, incredibly yummy, and beautiful to boot.  Dash-3's PT happens to also be a baker and what do you know, she specializes in allergy baking.

So while I'll certainly never ever EVER turn down ice cream or ice cream cake, when it all comes down to it, my answer is CAKE.

* Right now my bff is my blackberry, or rather, my crackberry.  I pink puffy heart it.  A lot.  I tweet from it, I take pics on it, I send and read my emails, the boys watch videos off you tube while we wait at the doctors, all sorts of good stuff.


I hear such great things about I phones.  Flyboy is chomping at the bit to get one and now that verizon has them he most likely will {he had a storm blackberry and HATES it with a passion.  I have the good old classic and tried to talk him out of the storm, needless to say he didn't listen}. 

I'm torn, to switch or not to switch.  I just started playing around with my Ipod touch {shhh don't tell my mom it was a birthday present waaay back in Sept} and I could see why so many people like it, but, I do so love my crackberry.

I'll have to think it over.

Thanks for everyone who left their answers, I enjoy learning more about you guys, and well, knowing what someone likes on a hot dog is quite informative.  Especially if I ever host a bar-b-q for yall.

Oh and check back tomorrow... tomorrow I'll be showing off my bag for a blog crawl.  Isn't everyone out there curious to see what's in my purse?  I'm keepin it real too, I'm not cleaning it out first, that's cheating, so Lord knows what's in there.


  1. Oooh, the blog crawl for purses, huh?
    I have yet to do that.... it would be fascinating. Heheh.

  2. Have you always had such a great sense of humor or has living with 4 boys made you crackers?! Thanks for making me smile :o)

  3. I <3 my iPhone but then again, I am an Apple anything geek. Just beware, with Verizon's CDMA restrictions, you won't be able to do voice and data at the same time on their iPhones.


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