Monday, January 17, 2011

Random Questions for you

I thought up this post as I was driving home today, dash-2 was sleeping, dash-3 was eating some apples and humming, and dash-1 was taking a {very} brief break from talking and was watching his movie so the car was deafeningly quiet. 

I was thinking about random questions, I'll ask the questions here and then I'll share my answers the next day in a seperate post.  {Because we all know I'm mercilessly long winded so if I asked and answered the post would be horrifically long}

Some questions are just off the cuff questions, some might be more debatable and by that I mean might spark more of a reaction. Some maybe simple answers, some more longwinded, some will make you think, some laugh, some I have no idea how I got on this train of thought, sometimes its best not to go back and try to figure out what I was thinking, just go with it.  So here I go.

On a hot dog are you a ketchup or mustard kinda person?  Or both?  Or nothing?

Which would you prefer to be a stay at home mom or working mom?

Take your husband's last name or keep your maiden name?

Ice cream or cake? Or ice cream cake?

Blackberry or I phone?

Alright, that's all that I can remember for now.  It's too bad that its illegal to type and drive at the same time, granted it is the name of public safety but it sure would up the level of my blogging.


  1. Plain hotdogs, work at home mom would be my ideal, take my husband's name but changed my middle name to my maiden name, all cake, not sure on the last one. I don't have a smart phone yet and trying to resist the urge to want one.

  2. Ketchup, mustard and dill pickle relish, if available. I've been both a stay at home mom and a working mom, and honestly - I think I preferred working outside of the home. It gave me more scheduled adult interaction, and a "life" that was all my own, as opposed to making "me" time happen. Definitely take hubbies last name. Chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream on the side. Ice cream cake always has a funny taste to me. I currently am on my 3rd BlackBerry, but I have been having so many issues with it lately that I fear I am headed to the dark side of the iPhone now that Verizon is going to begin carrying it.

  3. Love ketchup and mustard on hot dogs, would love to work part time when Im a mom, take my husband's last name for sure, any and all cake, iPhone.

  4. ketchup only with maybe a little ketchup on the side for dipping, stay at home although some days I would love to have a job stocking shelves at night just to see a job get completed, take my husbands last name, ice cream cake and IPHONE.

  5. Definately mustard, dill pickle relish and onions on hot dogs. I would prefer to be a working mom although my current situation doen't allow for it. Took my husband's last name, and definately Iphone.

  6. 1) I really don't like hotdogs at all, I refuse to eat anything other than Hebrew Nationals. If I'm at a BBQ- ketchup/relish. At home- chili, onions, & cheese!

    2) I haven't had kids yet, but I think half & half would be nice. 20-25hrs of work and the rest at home with the kid(s).

    3) I took his name, never understood those who didn't

    4) Ice cream cake is the best!

    5) Neither, I'm not high-tech enough for that. Okay so not really- but I figure I'm on the computer/internet so much at home that if I took it with me I'd have a ridiculous addiction problem.

  7. I get both on the hotdogs - or else, a slice of Velveeta and jalapeƱos. Yum.

    Stay-at-home-work-from-home kind of thing for me.

    *sigh* signing my maiden name away was one of the hardest things I've done. That probably sounds lame, but I am proud of my family and my heritage. And it was all over before I could discuss moving my maiden name to my middle name with him. Of course, if I had done that, my MIL would probably have thought I needed an intervention or something. But that's another issue....

    Depends on the ice cream or the cake, but never both together.

    Droid FTW!! (I know that wasn't an option, but it's seriously the best).

    Love the new look, btw. I haven't been "out" in bloggy land for a few days so I had to go back and read your earlier post. Congrats on the gig! Can't wait to hear/read more about it!

  8. Interesting. Very interesting. And I'm amazed that you had silence in the car. That's just... wow.

  9. Ketchup and only ketchup on my hotdogs....stay at home mommy for sure....took my husband's last name...neither, cupcakes....and Iphone!

  10. Plain hot dogs, please. Tasty tasty as they are.

    Stay at home mom - for sure!

    Husband's last name. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but that's how I think it SHOULD be.

    Yes... all 3, please!

    I have a Blackberry, but I'm GETTING an iPhone! This is only because I have verizon and they aren't selling the iPhone until February, but I've ALWAYS wanted one. I'm Such a huge Apple geek. :-)

  11. I like both mustard and ketchup on my hotdog. When I have hotdogs. Which is once in a blue moon.

    I'd like to be a stay-at-home mom until they're older perhaps. Then I definitely want a job somewhere I'd enjoy. Something creative..

    Ice cream cake! Definitely!
    Or else plain old cake, all my itself.

    I'd take my husband's last name.

  12. -Ketchup and mustard on my hot dog.

    -Right now I'm a working mom and it's not a job that I could do from home. I go back and forth about what I would really like to do, though would probably end up doing some work from home if I stayed at home.

    -Took my husband's name ... didn't even really think about using my maiden name as my middle name (I like my middle name).

    -Ice cream and cake :)

    -Definitely an iPhone between the two ... may actually get one eventually since they are going to Verizon.

  13. 1) I'm a ketchup and relish fan, but lately I have been adding a touch of mustard.

    2) Not a mom, so I'm just working! :)

    3) I will take P's name when we get married. And deal with the mispronunciations as they come. I like my last name, but I'm traditional and will take his. I already get called "Mrs. S" when I'm out with P when he's in uniform.

    4) White cake with vanilla frosting. Mmmm.... or chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, although I spit out the chocolate pieces. (Not a chocolate fan)

    5) I'm a droid fan. I love my droid x although I will probably eventually switch over to an iphone.

  14. Good post...

    1. Cheese, LOTS of ketchup (as least 4 of those little packets) and a thin line of mustard down the middle.

    2. I think a working mom...on most days...I really can't commit to that answer though...

    3. Took the hub's last name

    4. Ice cream cake or yellow cake with chocolate frosting

    5. I'm a Palm fan. I'm considering the iphone next time, but I doubt I'll go for it because I'm pretty brand loyal...


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