Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Year, New Look, New Opportunities

I'm starting out this year with a few new things one of them being a new look.

Just so you know, I'm not going overboard, I'm still firmly entrenched in my mommy uniform which in it of itself is a whole other post, but there is a new look around the old blogo.  Ironically I am still wearing some of the same clothes I wore in college but yet I get a new blog design every year.

New colors, a tweak here or there on the layout and sidebar, a bit of a cleaner, fresher look, but don't worry, the content is still the same.

Perhaps that should bring some worry with it.  But come on, what's life without the dash brother stories to liven it up?

As for the new opportunities, I'm going to be a contributing blogger for About One which is a fantastic site for managing your family life and all of our important documents, very useful for you military folk who are constantly pcs'ing around and even for us, more, stationary military folk.  Who knows?  Maybe this year really will be the year I get everything organized.

My bio and pic, yes that's right! A picture! Of me! Should be up in the next few days, I'll let you all know when it's up.  I'll be writing for the Stars and Stripes section on military life.  I think I might know a thing or two about that.

However, now I have writers block.  I'd appreciate input...  What do you think I should be writing about?  Anything specific?  Anything you would like to see address?


  1. I love the new look! So crisp and fresh. Definitely ready for spring :)

  2. Love the new look! It looks great!!! Yay for starting out the new year with new changes!!

  3. I love the regular posts about the Boyos! Cute pics are always nice! And cussing is always appreciated LOL!

  4. Love the new look! I like the idea of a fresh look for the blog every year... You might be onto something here... ;-) As far as the writing, I'm not much help. I'm having writer's block myself!! No good stories to tell today. Lol =P

  5. It looks great! You have some great writing opportunities coming up too :)

  6. AWESOME! :) Write about culture shock being a military wife...that's always a good read for a good time :)

  7. ahhh, lovely new look!
    i added your button to my blog love page:)

    i can't wait to see your bio! :)

  8. Just saw the new look, love love love it.


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