Monday, January 17, 2011

♥ Last Call for the Valentine Swap ♥

Two more days to sign up for the Valentine's Swap!

If you want to read the original full post you can go here, its got more of my long winded rambling  I've tried to just hit the high points in this post as a refresh and to catch anyone who "forgot" to sign up already.

Obviously you forgot, because I can't imagine you just wouldn't have signed up.

Shoot I'm getting long winded again aren't I?

This is a simple swap:
-there isn't a limit to spend as much as I figure $10 bucks is a nice number. 
-try to get your package to your partner as close to Feb 14 as possible

and last but not least


That's really it.  

Send some yummy treats, find some pink things, make homemade valentines, think outside the box and do whatever you think your partner might like.

Wanna sign up?

Send an email answering the following simple questions to tryingourbest @ yahoo . com 



Mailing address

Blog address {if you have one}


Any favorite Valentine candies?  

Are you willing to mail to an APO?FPO address? {This does not cost you any additional postage, the only difference is that you will need to fill out a simple customs form}

Anything you want to add?

Again, please don't sign up if you aren't going to follow thru, its not fair to your partner.  Sign up's will be open until Jan 19.  My goal is to have swap partner's assigned and emails sent out with everyone's info by the end of that week.

The goal of every swap is for everyone to have fun.  

I try my best to organize everything and be available to help out anyone who needs it. I'm hope you'll all sign up and have fun!

Spread the word, share the link and lets spread some Valentine cheer!♥ 

Also if you're participating in the swap it helps {but its certainly not required} if you follow this blog and my twitter @mrs_flyboy  this way you will see when I post messages or updates about the swap.

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