Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's all in the bag

Ever wonder what the mrs. is dragging around in her purse?   Admit it, who isn't ever curious about someones purse?  It's like a mobile medicine cabnet and I don't mean in the harboring medicine way, more in the telling a lot about a person sorta way.

So thanks to Ashley over at A Hasty Life now you have an answer.  She's hosting a blog crawl that is bag related. 

A Hasty Life

This is the bag I seem to use the most these days, much to Flyboy's chagrin.

I have quite a few designer bags that he's bought for me, but this one just works so well.  I love the prints, I love the corduroy, I love that it holds everything and there isn't a zipper or anything so I can just grab at it.

This bag is perfect... its almost as if it were made with me in mind.... OH WAIT IT WAS! By my lovely, etsy artisan mama. 

And look at how nicely organized it is!   Would you believe that it fits alll.....


I haven't a clue how to number things in the picture so starting from the back left corner here goes:

*The black zipper bag is dash-1's epi pen holder which holds 2 epi pens.

*The sport themed notebook is just a little book I grabbed off the dining room table and tossed in my purse to keep notes {blog ideas, errands, that kinda stuff} as I think of it.  

*My checkbook is in there.

*Citrus scented antibacterial lotion from bath and body works.

*Dash-3's sippy cup. {Apple juice if your wondering}

*Random juice box that always comes in handy when one of the boys asks for it.

*Gloves because its cold.  Really cold these days.

*My last shout wipe, so handy how do people NOT have these in their purses?

*The white rectangle is dash-1's Nintendo DS, he had a late opening today so he played with that while I did my thang at the gym.  {alright its Curves but its still a workout people}

*Perhaps my most important thing in my purse.... my crackberry.  How I ever survived without a blackberry I haven't a clue.  I love that little piece of electronics.  A lot.  A whole lot.

*A hair clip.

*A cadbury egg, who doesn't carry one of those around in a purse?

*Lip glosses, one just a shimmer and the other is a sugar exfoliating one, both from bath and body works.

*A lone matchbox car.

*2 random crayons.

*4 crystal light packets {2 lemonades and 2 strawberry energy flavored}

*My coach wallet that is like my purse, it can fit ANYTHING!

*My coach watch which for some reason has been living in my purse rather than on my wrist.

*My coin purse.

*The airplane zipper pack holds 3 diapers, butt cream, and wipes for my darling dash-3. 

And there you have it.  Everything I carry around on my shoulder on any given day.  What does it say about me?  Clearly its not just saying it, its yelling it, I'M A MOM!

I don't recall crayons or matchbox cars in my purse before motherhood....

Curious what other, cooler people have in their bags?  {I'm going out on a limb that I'm the lamest mommy fart in this blog crawl, the other seem like much cooler trendier folks} Check out The Dishy Decorator who shared her bag yesterday and The World As I See It who is sharing her bag tomorrow.

Thanks for taking a peak at mine!


  1. Love the new decor, it looks great!

  2. I love your bag! And I, being 30 years old, still to this day play with crayons. I get so happy when we go to a restaurant and they have them. My poor husband. So, I totally think your contents rock!

  3. My bag would definitely fit in perfectly with yours. I have so much stuff in it that it makes my shoulder hurt if I carry it too long!

  4. I'm so excited you participated in this blog crawl! Your purse probably wins the most organized! WOW! I can't believe it fits all that! :) I love that you keep the Crystal Light packets and a juice in your purse. I often find myself really thirsty and never have anything on me to drink!! I should start carrying those around with me!

    <3 Ashley

  5. My bag is pathetic...LOL. Jeez, now I am going to home and have to clean it. You know what I cant stand...are those stupid little receipts that add up in the bag..and then when the phone rings...I have to dig thru them. Now my laptop aint too shabby. I have my lunch, laptop, adapters all nice an neatly tucked in the bag.

  6. Oh my... I get to see what folks are hiding in their bag! I'm so nosey, I love this.


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