Saturday, January 15, 2011

From the dash brothers

Here for your reading pleasures, I share with you the words of the dash brothers.

Dash-2 "Mom, you're a babe."  {As a bit of backstory flyboy calls me babe so this wasn't totally out of left field.}

me "Oh thank you my sweet! Can I be a hot babe?"

dash-2 "No you can't, its too cold."

me "Oh well, I'll take what I can get."

Dash-1 "Mom you know what would be fun?"

me "What?"

dash-1 "A snowmobile."

me "Sure thing, I'll get right on that."

dash-2 "You know what would be fun?"

me "what?"

dash-2 "A dinosaur."

me "Honestly I'm not sure which one of you stands a better chance of getting what you want."

I loved this one.... Dash-1 showered this little nugget on me last weekend in the check out at Target....

Dash-1 "Mom, dad works so we have money right?"

me "Yup, he has a job just like you have to go to school."

dash-1 "Well I think its very nice that daddy lets you have his money."

Dash-2 was in tears the other day at the thought of having his own family and having to move out of our house.

Dash-2 "I will never, ever, move.  I will never get married.  I don't like girls."

me "Where are you going to live?"

dash-2 "I'm going to live with you forever."

me "Forever?"

dash-2 "Forever.  Like forever forever.  It'll be fun."

I'm in tears at the thought of having my grown son live with me forever forever.

Dash-2 "I don't wanna give valentine's to any of the girls in my class.  I don't wanna give them the wrong idea."

Car rides are full of great lines....

Dash-2 "what's that smell?"

dash-1, with full authority, "Oh that's New Jersey."

Those are just a couple reasons that I keep my kiddos around, not only are they adorable {because they are adorable} but they are delightful and hilarious.  It's also yet another reason to follow me on twitter.

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  1. That is so great. I had to read those out loud to Paul. He said kids really know their stuff sometimes. I love the snowmoble/dinosaur one.

  2. Oh man, I want to be a hot babe too! LOL;)
    It's waaaaaay too cold to be that though. :P

    "Forever. Like forever forever. It'll be fun."
    Oh. My. Gosh, that's hilarious!!

  3. Bahahahaha!!! "...It's very nice that daddy lets you have his money." Priceless!!!

    If my kids are half as funny as yours, I think I'll keep 'em around just for the entertainment. LOL

  4. Love it! Especially the one about Flyboy giving you his money. LOL :D

  5. I always tell Pave I've gotten really good at spending his money so that comment that he made about Flyboy letting you have his cracked me up!

  6. Absolutely hilarious. I can't even decide which I like best because they are all just too darn funny :)

  7. No doubt about where they get their witty and sarcastic humor from. :-D

  8. I knew from the title of this post it would be a great one!!!

  9. Gotta love kids! I need to write down a few of the funny things my kids say before I forget - thanks for the reminder.

  10. buhahahaha.

    Nice new background!

  11. Oh man... they say the best things!!

    Love the new look!


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