Saturday, January 29, 2011

control your kid dude

I'm really not a prick.  I'm not.

{I feel like I have to begin this kinda post this way}

I like to think that I'm a nice mama type, but even I have to draw the line somewhere.  And last night it was drawn in the sand and then stomped over repeatedly.

I should also mention that I'm a fan of personal space and so are my kids.  {Ironically my kids are not fans of MY personal space, only theirs but I'm hoping this might change someday.}

This week was one of those weeks, started off rocky but ended rather nicely, as a reward for surviving, relatively unscathed, the boyos and I headed to McDonald's for some play and an early dinner.  Usually its uneventful, with the exception of being mildly weirded out by the thought of all the lingering germs, the boys play nicely, they eat, sometimes I even get to sit in peace and read a magazine while dash-3 chomps on some apples.  Win win for everyone.

Last night was the exception. 

As the mom its my solemn duty to hand out and set up food.  If I don't do this, the kids will toss everything aside and play with the toy and dash-2 takes the opportunity to confiscate and hoard all the carmel packets that I'm usually able to convince him we didn't get. 

I'm busy getting nuggets divided up, ketchup handed out, and what do you know but some girl {probably about 5...old enough to know better} comes and sits at our table.  I look up to see dash-1 staring at her like her head is on backwards because she had grabbed his happy meal toy and was rolling it on the FLOOR. 

I told her, nicely, that we don't put our toys on the floor here and that it was his toy and he had just gotten it and he was looking at it.  She apparently didn't care.  I gently took the toy away from her and set it over on his side of the table.  {Though I'd like to mention that the whole damn side of the table was his side of the table!}

Then she hones in on dash-3 pacy and picks it up by the sucky part, "what's this?"  It's his pacy, please don't touch it.  Then she tries to grab his juice, "what's this?"  Really?  It's his juice please don't touch it. 

I'm really not on of those neurotic mothers, old ladies {and little girls in regards to dash3} pat my kids on the head or face all the time, I just smile and nod.  It's not going to kill them.  But putting your paws on my kids juice straw and pacy does piss me off a bit. 

I looked up to get her fathers attention and he sees that she's over here bothering us.  Yeah, that's right I said bothering.  Look, I get that kids are curious, I get that kids don't always know right and wrong its our job to teach them that, but my kids, darn well know not to go sit at someone's table and bother them during a meal. 

I told my boys to go play and the dad came to get the little girl so they could go get some food or something, but then I hear screaming, she's chasing dash-2 around.  And he didn't like it so much. 

He's going thru the anti girl stage.  He's raised in a house of free flowing testoterone, girls are weird to him.  I make sure he understands that he has to be polite but he's weirded out by them at this point of his little life, so having her chase him around trying to "tag" him was not going to end well.

He ran over to sit next to me, actually he tried to sit under me but it wasn't happening, He's yelling, "leave me alone, leave me alone, I don't want to play!"  I told him just to ignore if he didn't want to play nicely, he turns to eat his food and she wacks him on the back. 

Oh sweet Jesus.

He moved so quickly to lunge at her, thankfully, I am a well trained mom and moved quicker and grabbed his shirt as he was flailing to get at her.  Again, I tried to explain to her, "sweetie he doesn't really want to play right now, he can be kind of shy."  So she tries AGAIN.  There is part of me that wishes I could have just let dash-2 at it, but that would have been wrong.  I know I should have grown a set of balls and told the father this was just ridiculous that he needed to control his child, but well, I'm kinda a wimp.  And I was trying to calm dash-2 down and use this as some sort of teachable moment as to why we don't act like wild savages in public.

The boys kinda of gave up on playing and came back over to eat.  And then she came back.  She actually was pushing dash-1 over so she could squeeze in the booth, I told her, gently, that he didn't need to scoot over but damn she's persistant.  She ten tries to start grabbing their food. 

And again, I correct her, I'm seriously losing my patience.  I really enjoy sitting with them and discussing their day, what's going on, what weekend plans are, I really enjoy that time.  And this is beyond ridiculous.  He looks over and smiles, I shoot a death look, he eventually comes over and just stands over the table.  Are you serious you giant moron? 

Dash-2 said it perfectly, "I just wanna go home." Perfect lets go.  All in all we were in the play area for 10 mins.  I'm shocked we lasted that long.

I'm sure I looked like a douche bag mom because I didn't want to entertain some other kid but here's a newsflash, just because I'm a mom doesn't mean I want to mother your kid.  I realize someone told you it takes a whole village to raise a kid, but it really helps a lot if you do some of the raising first. 

I had my hands full, I was trying to enjoy my time with my kids.  One of the things that can be hard when your spouse is away a lot is feeling like you really connect with your kids, so much time is spent getting the necessities done, making sure everyone is feed, lunch is packed, book bags together, homework done, therapies attended, baths, bedtime, laundry, that sometimes, you feel like connecting gets lost in the shuffle.  I don't need some one butting into that time.

I'm annoyed more with that father.  It's his job to teach his kid how to behave and since, right in front of him, she was also standing on TOP of a table and set off the emergency exit alarm I'm going to go out on a limb and say that someone is sleeping on the job.

He dude, let me give you a little fyi, not everyone thinks your kid is as cute as you do, not everyone wants to be graced with her presence.  I figured that out a looong time ago, just cause my kids are adorable to me does not mean everyone in the free world wants to hang out with them.


  1. I hate it when other kids come over and start invading my space or my daughter's space. That dad should have so started parenting his own kid and not allowed her to do all of that. Mean part of me would have gone over there and said he needed to buy my kid a new juice/food whatever she germed up. The wimpy part of me would just deal with it and go on with my night.

  2. That is absolutely unacceptable from a parent...and I'm amazed you kept your cool as long as you did!

  3. Wow....just wow. You have more patience then I have. I think I would have exploded on the guy and told him I was trying to spend time with MY children and I'm not getting paid to watch his heathen child.

    Holy crap...I'm going to be such a bitchy mom.

  4. Wow... that's ridiculous. I can't believe the dad didn't even intervene when she whacked Dash-2!

  5. Wow. I'm not even a parent yet and that pisses me off.

  6. Oh my. I would have been livid.

  7. Hope you bought a new pacy! It sucks that people can't/won't parent their own kids.

  8. WOW I would have had a really hard time not saying anything, but at the same time I would also not want to cause a fuss. But HOW in the WORLD could that guy not get that his kid was bothering you and the dash boys!?

    That kid needs to learn boundaries!

  9. Dude, I would have let Dash-2 at her, haha... I'm sorry you had to go through that! What a lame dad.

  10. Hah omg,children are crazy,I like the last part your right not everyone things your kids are as cute as you do. Everyone needs to remember that hah.

  11. Holy freaking crap. You are a better person than I am. I would have let my kid hit her back in my own passive-aggressive fashion (since I couldn't do it myself.). Sounds like our nephew. He's in 3rd grade (or, old enough for third grade, I really don't know what his education is like) and he's STILL a hitter. His mom, his sister, his cousins, whoever. And nothing you do or say makes him stop unless his mom or dad literally ties him down. I had to literally pick him up off one of the girls because he wouldn't stop hurting her. I just don't it gets to that point. But now hearing about that, I can see that in that girl's future.

  12. I would have lost it! What kind of idiot lets their kid run around pestering people like that?

  13. I read this, I'm impressed you kept it together. I would have LOST IT. That is completely unacceptable...and I'm sure I would have said it to the dad. Yikes!!!

    BTW, I posted about your Valentine's Day Swap! Can't wait to share what I send out on Monday and what I receive!

  14. Umm. You're so much nicer than me. Some little snot was throwing rocks at my child at the park and his mom was being oblivious. So I got the kid's attention and told him 'please go tell your mommy you're being a shit.'

    So, yeah, you're so much nicer than I.

  15. That is absolutely ridiculous & disrespectful & rude & horrible! What a little stinker....and her dad, geez...don't get me started.

  16. Oh my... I would not have been as nice either. I'm becoming impatient with stupid people in my old age. After two tries of the niceness, I would have used my "mom" voice and told her to go on over with her daddy. Then Daddy would've gotten an ear full... respectfully of course. Sir, your daughter is disrupting our dinner, could you help me out here? If that didn't work, I'd call an employee over to complain. Seriously.. you're paying to be there.
    Unfortunately, you can't fix stupid.

  17. OMG. You have a lot more patience than I do. I think I would have told that guy off! What an imbecile!

  18. I have a hunch that father is not living full-time with the child. It was probably his once weekly (or monthly) outing with the girl, and he doesn't know how to discipline her because he never really has to. Maybe he should watch some SuperNanny or read some books. Also not a parent here, but I'm really sorry that they ruined your bonding time with the boys!

  19. UGH!! I don't knwo how you didn't say anything.


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