Sunday, December 18, 2011

wanna win something?

and really.... who doesn't?  Go over to Mrs. P at A Little Pink In a World of Camo and check out her giveaway.

Wanna know why I'm pimping it?  Cause it's one of our banners!

My mama is giving away a blue star banner AND a lovely blue star ornament! And even if you already have one, enter anyways, they make FANTASTIC gifts!

Oh and don't forget to check us out over on etsy at Blue Bird Crafting.  As if you would...

Good Luck!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blow Swap Christmas style

Riding the Roller Coaster
Its Christmas time and Wife on a Roller Coaster is hosting a blog swap! Today I'm over at Goodnight Moon's blog rambling there and Julie from  Soldier's Wife, Crazy Life  is here. 

Julie is sweet as can be,  she's a mama to three little boys, photographer, coffee drinker, blogger & Independent Scentsy Consultant, which by the way is awesome!  Enjoy her post and don't forget to come find me!

Christmas of 1986

I am not sure why I remember this Christmas so well.  

Maybe it was because my uncle brought his video camera and taped it and it was the first time I had ever seen a video of our family.  Maybe it was because it was such a special time.  I am not sure.  But the Christmas of 1986 really sticks out in my mind.  

I was almost eight years old and this year my Grandparents came into town from Arizona and my Aunt and Uncle came in from Colorado.  For Christmas Eve I remember going to church, coming home and having some sandwiches and then opening one gift.  I can't quite remember the gift, just that we got to open one before bed that night.  

The next morning we woke up and had a wonderful Christmas with family.  We always took turns with gifts.  You had to wait until each person opened a gift before it was your turn again.  
My Grandpa thought he was funny for going extra slow when it was his time to open a present.  The only gifts I remember about that year were a magic set for me and a basketball hoop for my brother.  After all the gifts had been opened we all went outside to watch my magic show.  

You see in other parts of the country you might go outside to build a snowman.  In CA you go outside to enjoy the weather. 

I still remember sitting on the grass and putting on a show for my family.  Then my brother and I played with the basketball hoop.  

I remember eating Christmas dinner, going on a walk with everyone and even my Aunt making a mix of 7up and Cranberry juice. 

We don't have Christmases like this anymore.  In 1993 my Grandpa passed away and about the same time my Grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease.  After that things were just different.  

Every time I think back to a happy Christmas memory I remember the Christmas of 1986 and all the memories I have of that time with my family.

Thanks to Julie for swapping with me! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

3rd Annual Ornament Swap

Get your ornaments ready for the...

 3rd Annual Ornament Swap!

Thanksgiving is racing towards me and pretty soon Christmas is going to be right around the corner just waiting to bite us all in the ass, so lets get this party started.

It's a fun way to spread some Christmas cheer for not a whole lot of mola. And if you're into holiday baking feel free to toss in some cookies in your box.

I am very into holiday baking.  Actually its a great cover all year long to scour and find new recipes and then make them.  Shoot, one has to perfect their holiday goodies, thus a mock bake up {or 15} in July is necessary. 

Whoever gets me will be getting some kickass chocolate toffee and some cranberry white chocolate cookies (those have eggs but they are delish!) and perhaps one of the dash brothers.  I say that every year but this year I'm serious about tossing a kid in.

Now the important stuff.  aka: Info on the swap

*you can either MAKE or BUY an ornament, however there will be a $10 dollar limit. And if you find a cute one for less go for it. {embrace bargain hunting folks.} It can be something to from where you are stationed or live, it can be something that you think will reflect the person you are swapping with taste, it could just be something adorable that you see or make.

 Let me repeat. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MAKE AN ORNAMENT. I get asked this question a ton of times. BUYING IS OK!

*Ornaments should be mailed so that they are received round about midDecember.  If you and your partner work something else out, good to go, but the whole point is to have this ornament BEFORE the holidays.

*You can sign up for the swap until Saturday night {November 19} My goal is to get the names and emails out to you all before Thanksgiving.

To sign up email tryingourbest at yahoo
Answer the following questions in your email

Best email to reach you at
Mailing address

Blog address or twitter name {if you have one}


Do you have a certain Christmas decorating theme or are you a mish mash, compilation of ornaments kinda gal? 

Are you willing to mail to an APO?FPO address? {This does not cost you any additional postage, the only difference is that you will need to fill out a simple customs form}

Anything you want to add?

And please leave a comment on this post here. You don't have to to participate but it helps to keep track of who's signed up and what not.

I hope that a good number of people want to participate, this was a lot of fun last year and I'm hoping its as much fun again this year!

When you email me to sign up I'll email you back that I've received it and then I'll be emailing you again when I match folks up. 

And dont worry, if goodness forbid your partner skips out on you let me know I'll mail you a big Christmas package complete with a dash brother. 

Please, spread the word on your blogs, twitter, facebook... shoot scream it from the roof top afterall, the more the merrier!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Veteran's Day nudge

Everyone is all excited for 11-11-11.

I'm not sure why. It's 3 of the same number, get over it people.

What we should be remembering is that 11-11 is Veteran's Day.

Veterans Day is near and dear to my heart and not just because I get to share my bed with one every now and again, but because it is important to make sure our little ones graspjust how important service to our country is.  Veteran's Day gives us the chance to stop, reflect, and say thank you.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the world has hit their douchebag quota and darn if I'm going to raise 3 more to add to the lot. That being said, do I think folks who don't take a minute to appreciate service members are douche bags?

Yes, yes I do.

I want to raise my kids to understand, to really understand, the sacrifice and commitment it takes to step up and serve our country.

So on the first day of school, way back in Sept., I did what any neurotic prek mom does, I asked Dash2's teacher if I could come in to do something for Veteran's Day with the kids.  2 months in advance.  Hey, I wanted to beat the rush, then again we are the only military at the school so I figured I was pretty safe claiming the day early.

Then I got an email, that was just perfect!

The "Art for Wounded Warriors" run by the National Museum for the Marine Corps {which I visited with my lovely cousin and was a great museum, however it was lacking a replica of a c-130 but it did have an actual Tun Tavern} is looking for young artist to submit their artwork to decorate recovery facilities and lift the spirits of wounded Marines, with the help of the Wounded Warrior Regiment is going to help distribute artwork to hospitals coast to coast.

Get your kids involved! Get their classes involved! Get your church or community organizations involved!

Get involved people!

Dash-2's class are going to be making patriotic pictures, stars, flags, lots of red, white, and blue paint, and OF COURSE GLITTER!

Lots. of. Glitter.

It doesn't have to be a Picasso or a Rembrandt, simply something that says Thank you and we remember you for your service.

This is the part where I'm here to nudge you guys to do the same thing....

Here are the details if you want to get involved:
Children who wish to participate should create a picture and write a supportive message on an 8 ½” x 11” piece of paper.

Artists should also write their name, hometown and grade level on the back of their pictures. 

The Museum will accept drawings, paintings or colorings from children of all ages and abilities.

All works of art must be submitted in a flat, rigid envelope postmarked by December 10, 2011. Artwork becomes the property of the Museum and cannot be returned.

Mail all submissions to:
The National Museum of the Marine Corps
Attn: Teacher- in- Residence
18900 Jefferson Davis Highway
Triangle, VA 22172-1938

If you already have something planned for Veteran's Day, please, leave a comment and share your idea!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the old blogo

Anyone out there go back and forth about letting their blog die off? 

Anyone else finding that living life is getting in the way of blogging about it?

Anyone else figure that if their blog stopped tomorrow, no one would really even notice? 

I think blogs come and go and mine right now might be at the point where it should just go.  I feel like I've written about everything I can think of.  I've made my views and opinions known, I've asked the burning questions that needed to be asked like whether we should stop wearing shorts once are knees start shifting south. 

There was a point where I had a crap ton of ideas and energy to put into my blog and now I just feel .... eh.

Anyone else feel like this?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

An Honest Mommy Moment - Craft Style

Its been forever and a day since I've done one of these, but of all the days lately, today has warranted it. Without further ado folks I give you,

I love me some crafting.

Right now I have several craft projects going on, I'm making a wreath for Halloween, I'm already well under way making some lovely glitter ornaments for christmas, but can I share something with you.

I hate crafting with my kids.


I mean I love to get great ideas and think about how fun it will be to do with them and I envision what we'll do with the project, but then, inevitably the actual crafting time makes me dream of poking my eyes out with a hot poker.

Today we made a giant ass spider.  Out of pom poms.  Giant ass pom poms.  With giant ass pipe cleaners for legs. 

And just so you know, the legs were as long as my arm.  And the pom pom for his body is roughly the size of my ass.

Hence, giant ass spider as a very appropriate description.

And you know how you put this all together?  With glue. 


To hold a pipe cleaner the size of an adults arm to a pom pom the size of my ass? 

And of course, its a spider, and spiders have 8 legs.  Insects have 6 legs and spiders have 8 legs.

Well, guess which spider only has 6 legs?  Yeah the giant ass, sad spider sitting on a shelf in my dining room.  And don't think the kids didn't point out that he was missing 2 legs about 15 times today.  But unless the last 2 legs were coming right out of his butt they weren't going to fit.  And I had already lost what little sanity I had going into this craft on getting the first 6 legs to attach to the pop

Who thought that craft up? Obviously someone without kids. 

I realize I have only myself to blame, I did after all say, "Oh look kids! A giant spider! Wouldn't this be cool!" {Mommy points for me for not saying "giant ass" to the kids}

But that's what I'm saying, at the time the idea seems fantastic, almost even glorious, without the slightest bit of remembrance of the last miserable crafttime crossing into my mind. 

Much like childbirth.

Actually exactly like childbirth.

And I was smart and fixed myself so that can't be done anymore.

sidenote: I should give myself a craft hysterectomy now. 

I love my kids, dearly I do, I just don't think I'm the best to craft with them.  My mother, she is a kid crafting pro. I, however, get freaked out when it all goes awry or when someone starts painting on the table or mixing colors.

I loathe mixing colors.


It's disrespectful to the other colors.  But that's not the point.

I'm sure many of you are thinking, wow, she should probably do more crafting to lighten the f up.

I should.  Maybe, but not today.  And not tomorrow.  I'm taking a kid crafting sabbatical.  Or at least a giant ass spider sabbatical. 

That giant ass spider was a really bad idea.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Check out AAFES for these....

Hello, my name is the mrs. and I'm a total sandal whore. 

I'd be totally content to wear sandals year round, shoot, I even have a pair of super comfy Nike sandals that I walk miles in and run on the treadmill in.  I usually wear sandals until we get our first major dumping of snow and then I generally give into the crappy snowy winters up here. 

After all, even I, a die hard sandal fan am not walking into 18 inches of snow in flip flops.

Today I was sporting these little beauties. 

Adorable right?

When I first got them I wondered if I could pull them off, and judging from the look on flyboy's face so was he, but they are fantastic and spiff up even my mom uniform of tee shirt and jeans. 

Because just like sandals, I live in tee shirts and jeans.  I'm quite a fashionista.

The soles were comfortable {don't you hate it when they are so thin you can feel every rock you step on?} the straps didn't leave a blister or a mark, and if I haven't mentioned it.... they were adorable.

Why a post about sandals? Simple, now you can find shoes this amazing at AAFES online! Our exchange tends to serve cadets and retirees and the rest of us can be damned.  Every time I go to the PX I always stroll thru the shoe section and the selection, in a word, is crap. Shoot the shoe boxes have more style.  Not shockingly I have yet to ever by a pair of shoes at our px.

But now I can order more sandals like these and, best part, wait for it, wait for it, they're CHEAPER FOR US! The pair I was sent sells for $45 at the Fibi & Clo store but they are $34 at aafes. 

Sigh.  I love a bargain.

I'm so long overdue on this post I'm embarrassed.  I was contacted by Fibi & Clo, a shoe company out of Austin, Tx  and sent a fantastic pair of sandals to try out over the summer but, well, my kids took over my life.  Did you know they demand to be feed and cared for daily?  Pssssh.

Now if we could just work on the clothing in the women section down there.  Not that my husband wouldn't love me to dress more like his mother....

I wonder if Fibi & Clo want to put a clothing line out for AAFES?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dash2 is a door stopper

Yesterday dash2 went head first thru the screen door. 

Popped the sucker right out of the door.

Bonus points for me as a mother because I checked on his welfare before trying to snap a picture of him.  Sadly there is no photographic proof because he wouldn't throw mom a bone and stick his head back thru the door.

These missed opportunities make me sad. But then I tell myself that surely, in the next week or so, one of the dash boys will do something out of the ordinary and I'll be there to savor it forever with photographic evidence.

Oh and in case your wondering what I'm planning on doing with all these embarrassing pictures that I've compiled and will continue to do so for the rest of their lives, I'm going to offer to chip in for their wedding reception.  The clincher? I will be using embarrassing pictures as the centerpieces.

The one of dash2 wearing Lightening McQueen underpants and fireman boots in the middle of a stream is going to be a real winner.

Friday, September 23, 2011

School pains

Dash1 started first grade about 3 weeks ago.  I was stoked.  He was stoked.  But I was really stoked.

I don't get the folks who say they miss their kids while they are in school, sure their cute, but it's not like he's going off to college.  It's first grade.  I have to pick him up at the end of the day.  The school makes me.

Anyways, he really was stoked.  Despite it seeming that he was in a class with only 3 people from last year.  Of course he was paired up with the other peanut allergy kid, and then 2 girls. The other 3 kids from last year were good kids, but not any of his close buddies.  He wasn't phased.

"After all mom, I didn't know anyone in my class last year and look at how many friends I made!"

True dat kiddo.

They called him the mayor of his class. That kid new everyone. Leaving school at the end of the day was almost painful, "Bye James see you tomorrow!"  "Hey Gracie, see you in pe!"  "Bye Jonathan!"

Sweet Jesus, that kid was like a walking rolodex.

Here's what he didn't quite count on, in his class of 19 kids, 11 were from one class.  They knew each other.  They were tight.  He, was on the outside.

And because of all the rain, they were banished inside for recess which meant it was in class, he was stuck with the kids in the class, no safety net of seeing his old friends at recess. 

My kid who was bounding off to school the first day was coming home pissy, nasty, and dreading getting back on the bus.

And I was not in a much better mood.

They do not prepare you for this kinda stuff when you bring a kid into the world.

In fact, they really don't prepare you for much.

I remember when I didn't think I could handle picking out a crib, I mean, its a crib, my sleeping babies will be in this thing, I'll look at it for years to come.  Do I go dark wood? Light wood? Ornate? More simplistic? Does it convert? What to do!

I look back and laugh at what an idiot I was.  And I kinda long for the days when that was my biggest parenting dilemma.  

Now here I was, 6 years into parenting and my oldest babies heart was hurting.

And here's the thing, I've seen their little hearts hurting.  I've held dash1 while he has hurt in pain post surgery, I've held him as his body has struggled to breathe in an asthma attack, I've held him while he's cried for his daddy at night.  But helping your kids face the sting of other kids is a different sort of pain.

I asked him if he had tried making new friends.  This, in case you were wondering, was met with the same "No shit, why didn't I think of that, are you an idiot" look that I give people when they ask why I just don't tell my husband not to go away when the Marine Corps tells him to skedaddle.

"They don't want new friends mom, they are already friends."


So I did what every good mom should do.  I called my mom.

I rambled on and on about what sense was it to keep 11 kids from one class and then just throw in 1 or 2 kids here and there from other classes.  What was the school thinking! And how sad that he has to sit at the peanut free table with just 1 other kid while his class all sits together! Its not fair! What are they thinking! I should storm the school!

Thankfully, I did not.

My mother did what good moms do.  She listened.  And soothed me.  And told me I was being a moron.

Well she said it a bit more delicately.  She pointed out that storming the school might not do much for me.  And that dash1 would settle in.

I knew that. Deep in my heart I did.  I had faith in my little social butterfly, but I still wanted to erase his hurt.  I wanted to ease his mind that he would make it thru this, all the while knowing in my heart of hearts that this would not be the first time he'd feel the sting of kids.

Kids after all, while cute and adorable innocent little beings, can cause a world of hurt on other kids.  I hear middle school is a blast.

Daily we reassured him that he would get into a groove, the other kids would get to know him and vice versa, he'd settle in and make some friends.  And we explained, as hard as it can be, not everyone will like you in this world, that will be there loss, but it will happen.

We don't believe in always sugar coating everything.

Luckily though, this week he seems to have settled in.  He's talking about other kids, coming home from school smiling telling me about the new friends he's making.

My heart has calmed down.

And I am reminded that much like as a new mom I worried I was going to break an arm getting him into a onesie {surely I'm not the only one} these dings in their social armor are bound to occur.  But they'll make it thru.  

And so will mom. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Ornament Swap?

Since that time of year is coming up, its coming people, no use hiding from it, its time to start thinking about the 3rd Annual Ornament and cookie swap!

I'm just putting feelers out there to see who, if anybody, would be interested.  Sign-ups would probably be mid, to the end of October-ish with the deadline for mailing the begining of December before the real holiday panic sets in.

If you think you'd be interested, leave a comment! If you want, you can leave your email and I can email you when and if I put the post up for sign-ups. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Dash3!

My baby is 2. 

All my boys are my babies, but you my sweet, you really are my last baby. 

My miracle baby.  

You came as a complete surprise, just days after I had lost a pregnancy, the doctors were baffled by you, they looked at the ultrasound machine and said that there could be no way, but sure enough, here you are.

You are a tough little guy, you were so tiny that first year of life, yet now your a rough and tumble kiddo trying and succeeding at keeping up with the big boys around here! 

Here's you in a snap shot:
You love - Curious George, CARS, monkeys, rockets, and dinosaurs.

You could eat yogurt, cheese, and bagels all day.

Your first word was, of course, lightening.  

When your running around you hum the music from CARS.

You like to be just like your daddy, pretending your hand is a chainsaw and cutting up logs just like him. 

You have to have your monkeys to sleep, Georgie and Lightning. 

You have an utter disdain for vegetables.  I can't blame you for this.

You are going thru, what I can only hope, is your intense headstrong phase.  Clearly at 2 you know more than the rest of us. 

You have a laughter and a smile which touches my heart, it makes the frustrating moments seem very worth it.  Have an amazing year my love.

Happy Birthday my littlest love!

How you know its been a while....

You can't remember your password for blogger.

Proof positive its been forever an a day since I have logged in. I miss y'all, I really do, as the kids are getting older and life is getting busier blogging, sadly is suffering.

Let's see, we got hit by a tropical storm.  Did the whole no power thing for a couple of days, which despite flyboy telling us is an adventure, is not, at all, an adventure.  I have the utmost respect for those who lived without power back in the day.  I would have been curled up in the corner of the house rocking back and forth. 

Dash-1 is a first grader.  His teacher reminds me of Michelle Dugger, you know that lady with like 37 kids,  I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.  His teacher is very soft spoken and super nice, fantastic yes, but last year his teacher was a giant bald man with a goatee who would rap with the class.  I'm curious to see how this year goes. 

Oh and because of his allergic reaction over the summer the school has him wrapped in bubble wrap.  He's less than thrilled with this.

Dash-2 has started 5 day a week pre-k.  So from 9:15-11:45 every morning I only have one kiddo.  All together now, YAH! 

If only he didn't start fighting about going to school at 7:30. 

He's my more "sensitive kiddo" so it'll take him a few weeks to get with the program.  Of course he's also my most stubborn so he might just hold on to the fight all year just because.

Dash-3 is now at the terror stage.  You know, where he cuts you that cute look that says, I could suffocate you in your sleep if you cross me.  Adorable but slightly scary.

Let's see what else.... oh we just got back from the wedding in Boston where I saw my frienmy.  After a long summer, not being able to work out and recovering from major "baby maker surgery" as dash1 calls it, I was rather paranoid about goign. However, if you follow me on twitter, and why aren't you? You'll recall that she's like 570 lbs.  Go ahead, think less of me, but she's a twit. And she mocked my old lady gym.  Hey, Curves might not kill her.

Flyboys still here and there. No change there.

See I don't even need to post everyday, I can sum it up quickly enough. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Spinach and Strawberry Salad

I've posted this recipe a while back, but since its what's for dinner tonight I thought I would share it again. {minus the peacans}

{Photo courtesy of the perdue website. My salad did look this wonderful, but well, we were hungry and sucked ours down waaaaay before I could go get the camera.}

You know this has to be good because I'm not quite the salad kinda girl.

Spinach and Strawberry Salad
1 package of Perdue chicken Short cuts {either honey roasted or just the plain kind and don't tell perdue I told you this but you could probably put your own grilled chicken on this too}

12 ounces of fresh baby spinach {about 8 cups}

1 pint of fresh strawberries

4 tbl of crumbled blue cheese {for you feta freaks, feta would probably be just as tasty}
{and I didn't add these because of the whole deathly allergic dash-1 but you can also add 1/2 cup glazed walnuts or pecans}

for the dressing:
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
1 tablespoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/8 teapoon ground black pepper
3 tablespoons olive oil

Mix up the sugar, salt, pepper, and vinegar together in a small bowl until the sugar dissolves, then mix in the olive oil.
Toss the spinach in a bowl with half the dressing mixture.
Put even amounts of the spinach in four bowls {or plates, whatever strikes your fancy}
Top with chicken, strawberries, and blue cheese
Drizzle over the remainder of the dressing.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I'm in the mood for a swap.  Anyone have any ideas?

Maybe an end of summer one?

A back to school swap?  Cause let me tell you, I am STOKED for back to school.

Or it could be a fall theme?

I dunno.  I'm just putting the feelers out there.

Friday, July 15, 2011

giveaway winner

And the winner of the adorable bag set is.......
are you on the edge of your seats?


Yeah I can probably only stretch this out so much.

The winner according to is JG!

If you're sad it wasn't you, and shoot, they're that adorable, I would totally understand if you were,  check out Blue Bird Crafting to pick up a set of your own!

And there are more cute prints coming!

JG I need you to email or DM me your address so I can get the bags out to you ASAP! 

Thanks to all who entered, I might just have to find some more cute fabric for another giveaway. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

One pocket underwear

Dash2 is wicked bright.  He can do word sentences, he's learning to read, he can explain the differences between warm and cold blooded.  He's not only a cutie patootie but like I said he's wicked smart.


The other day I walked into the playroom and there he was in his Lightening McQueen underpants, only his Lightening McQueen underpants and he was looking quite confused.

"Mama, my underpants only came with one pocket."



He was trying to get his hands into his underpants like a little hand warmer, and well, with only one opening it wasn't going so well.

See if I had girls I would have this issues.  Our underwear doesn't come with any pockets.

I did what any good mom would do.  I made my their father explain it.  Thankfully it was a weekend and flyboy was in town. As a mom of boys I know my limitation, or rather just the crap I'm not dealing with, and explaining how underpants work fall into that category.

He went in there, explained it and came out looking equally frustrated.  Apparently when he explained it all they could do was laugh.

God help me.

See why I had to preface this with how smart he is?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More awareness on the affects of Singulair

Today I am speaking at a Legislative Briefing in DC about the "Cody Miller Safe Prescription Initiative" to allow the FDA more regulatory authority for the information given to patients from pharmaceutical companies.  After all, what good is the patient hand out that they give you if all the side effects aren't even listed?  How is it possible to make an informed decision if you don't have all the information?

I've written before about the hell and back that dash-1 went thru while he was on Singulair, we are lucky compared to Cody Miller's family, he took his own life while taking Singulair.

More dots need to be connected about Singulair and the very real, very scary side effects of a seemingly normal medicine.  Below are my comments, that hopefully, if I don't choke on my words, I'll read out loud tomorrow.

Please, if you know people who have young kids or teens with asthma who are taking Singulair, please pass along this info to them.  Should you or someone you know have an adverse reaction to Singulair you should check out Parents United For Pharmaceutical Safety at and report the reactions with the FDA.

Robert is my delightfully inquisitive 6 yr old. He has bright blue eyes, a smile that reveals his missing front tooth, and blond hair that is almost always in a high and tight. He is brilliant, but then again I'm his mom, he is obsessed with science and space, he loves to read and has thrived and exceeded our expectations in Kindergarten.

It's hard to ever admit that your child isn't perfect, but its really hard to talk about how your six year old battled with rage, aggression, and suicidal thoughts.

But the more people know, the more people will make the connection should it happen to them, and I don't want what happened to my son, what happened to our family,  to happen to anyone else.

Rob's been on medicine since birth, he has reflux and severe allergies, he's never had a problem with medicines.  In late 2008 he was diagnosed with Asthma and it took us quite a while to get it under control. Even after it was under control he had a constant barking cough. That NEVER went away. In October of 2009, when Rob was 4, his pediatrician {new to us at the time, but in the military your doctor is often new to you} suggested Singulair. In passing she said to keep an eye on any "slightly hyper" behavior.

I was prepared to watch for him running around the room in circles, not for rage and aggression.

To say that I didn't know what I was getting into would be the understatement of the year.

Over the nine months that he took Singulair, I must admit that I had times where I thought that my kid was an awful kid, that my husband and I were awful parents, something was happening to my little boy.  Those 9 months from October to June were filled with some of the lowest lows for us as a family. 

Singulair took the cough away. He was silent. He wasn't waking up at night in a fit of coughs. He didn't sound like a barking seal. People weren't giving us nasty looks for taking a sick kid out. He was quiet.

I thought it was perfect. And then came the side effects, that wrecked havoc on my son and disrupted our family life for months.

I'm not really even sure when the side effects started. I wish I could say "on this day such and such started". Maybe had it just started full blown on a certain day I wouldn't have let it drag on for nine months.

We thought it was a stage, maybe this is the terrible five's! Maybe it was his preschool, maybe this is just him. Maybe we've done this to him someway, we've been too hard or not hard enough. Maybe the fact that dad is a Marine and away for so much was playing a role.

As if parenting isn't hard enough toxic side effects can really make you doubt yourself.

Over time we were noticing some things, he was starting to cry. About everything and for long periods of time. Asking him to do something and you would end up with a 45 minute, end of the world, rolling on the floor, screaming, high intensity breakdown.

Daily he was complaining of headaches in which he would lay on the couch in pain and rock back and forth.  Another daily complaint was a pinching pins and needles in his arms and legs, he would pull on his limbs to try to ease the feeling.  He couldn't sleep at night, he was often awake until 11 and then back awake at 2 am, screaming, as you can imagine, the entire family started to lose sleep. 

He began blaming us for everything, if it was raining it was our fault and the 45 min breakdown would follow. Odd ocd behavior began creeping in, he wouldn't wear shirts with buttons, he couldn't have the tag on his underwear touch him, he didn't like certain foods anymore, foods he had lived on, he began collecting everything, piles of trash were under his bed. 

He started to have problems with his memory. I would ask him a question and half way thru the answer he would forget what he was saying, midstream. He had been writing his name for a year and now he had problems remembering how to spell his own name.  And self-loathing talk, he would get upset and talk about not wanting to exist, wanting his world to go black, hoping he could just dissapear, he would tell us "I'm the worst, I hate myself." You could tell that he wasn't just saying it, that he really felt it. Terrifying things to hear from your child. 

One of my greatest fears is that had he been older when he was on Singulair that he would have acted on these suicidal thoughts, that I would be here telling you about my beautiful child that was no longer with us.  

These certainly weren't the whole of him, he was still a bright eyed little boy underneath it all, it was just starting to be more and more about breakdowns, crying, yelling, hitting, fighting and less of the old him. He was losing his spark. His spark was being replaced with rage and aggression. If you corrected him his eyes would become slits, his fist would ball up, his whole body would go tense.

The breaking point came as the talk of not wanting to exist started happening more and more and as he had started to lash out at his younger brother.  I no longer felt comfortable letting the two of them play in a room alone.  More than once he had lunged at his than 3 yr old brother with such intensity and anger that I really feared for his safety.

My days were spent walking on eggshells. I was tired of the up and downs of our days. The good times were great but the downs were so very down. There were days I didn't know how I could go on. If this is what parenting was I wasn't sure I was cut out for it. 

During much of these nine months my husband, who is a United States Marine, was away from home. Towards the end of the nine month period I was on the phone daily with him or my mother, often in tears. I was nearing my own personal breaking point.  I had actually discussed with my mother that such a disruption in the house wasn't fair to our two other boys, that clearly I couldn't parent him, that perhaps he should live with my parents for a little bit of time. 

Can you imagine how bad it was that I could even think of sending my little boy away?

I remembered somewhere hearing something or reading something about the nasty side effects of Singulair can have on kids. Thanks to google I did some searching and was shocked. Reading about other parent's experiences on it was like reading something I had written about my own son.

In that moment I decided this wasn't going on one day longer, I had let him down by giving him that pill every morning, I wasn't putting him thru this anymore. I took him off the meds before I even heard back from the doctor.

I wish I had been told more by the doctor. I wish this pill came with informed consent, I wish its dangers were spelled out very clearly. The school year would have been different, our home life would have been different, the past nine months would have most certainly been different. But it didn't come with any of that. 

All the bottle said was chew before swallowing. At least they were concerned with his choking, never mind his depression.

I am the one responsible for what my child takes, but more needs to be done. 

Within days the side effects were clearing up.  Several months later and my son was back. His spark is back. His eyes are clear again, rather then dark and angry. Teachers and other parents are telling us how polite he is, his report card even called him a model student. Best of all, I know that this is the real him.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Giveaway! Bright Bold Bags!

 I'm doing a giveaway! 

 It's been a while my peeps so I've decided to give some stuff away.

Because its summer, because I'm lazy, and because well... well because I wanted to.

I found this fabric and my lovely mama made me some BEAUTIFUL bags and now I'm passing them on to you.  How cute are these courtesy of BlueBirdCrafting?!

 They have a fun, bold, bright print on them, with of course, a blue bird because that is the name of our Etsy store, but what I really love is the BRIGHT pink fabric that lines the inside. 

Nothing like a shout of pink to get ya going.  

I use these bags for EVERYTHING, the large one holds a ton of makeup, lotions and potions, hair stuff, shoot undergarments in your suitcase, diapers and a change of clothes for a little one in a diaper bag, EVERYTHING.  

The middle size is great for organizing the mess of stuff in your purse or even as a clutch.  Even flyboy has some in "manly" fabrics that he takes his chargers and electronics in.

 The smallest bag is perfect for eyeglasses, makeup brushes, pens pencils, whatever you can fit in there. 

There ya go. 

Three beautiful bags for one lucky duck. 

To enter:
-leave a comment! 
If you want, tell me what you would put in them.

  {and please, leave a comment for EACH extra entry, if its worth 2 than leave 2 for that entry}

-tweet about the giveaway! link up to the post and to me at @mrs_flyboy {2 entries} and you can tweet DAILY

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-leave feedback about your prior purchases on our etsy site if you haven't already or leave feedback here about them! {2 entries}

The giveaway will be open until  Thursday, July 14th at 8pm! Good luck!

If you don't win them, don't worry!
We have more bold, brights coming to the store soon! Stay tuned!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

So.... I'm alive

In case you were wondering, I'm alive and uterus free. 

And also in case you were wondering, no, having a hysterectomy is NOT like having a baby.  A hysterectomy hurts a shit ton more.

I've had three beautiful boys {part of the reason I was down with the hysterectomy} and with two of them for the most part they were drug free births. {This was totally unintentional, f- a drug free birth, our itty bitty Army Hospital doesn't do epidurals due to lack of staffing so I was shit out of luck and the crappy drugs they gave me lasted just about a half hr.}

Birth can be utterly painful, but once the baby is out the pain is over and I bounced back.  Shoot I was shopping the day I went home with dash 2 and again with dash 3.

So why wouldn't my uterus be the same way? 

Yeah I know it sounds really dumb when I say it outloud.

Moronic actually.  Cause let me tell you, losing an organ is no laughing matter, that shit really hurts.

3 days in the hospital and I was a hot mess let me tell you.  I was gray, vomiting, clutching a pillow to my tummy and shuffling around.  I was staying on a floor with some wounded warriors and I think I gave one quite a startle when I shuffled past his door with my pillow vomiting up bananas into my little baggie.  I wanted to apologize and tell him that the nurse next to me was making me walk but I just didn't have it in me.

Right now I'm 2 1/2weeks post op and I'm feeling better.  I was starting to feel really good and then my parents left and flyboy went back to work so in the same vain, I went back to work too.  When they tell you not to do any lifting or anything heavy for 4-6 weeks they aren't kidding.  Picking up and putting down dash3 repeatedly {even though he's a relative lightweight} wasn't good and vacuuming the whole house was just dumb. 

So my mom came back up to help out and I spent several days re-recuperating and now I'm feeling better.  Again. 

The nurse went back over what I'm supposed to do and not do, apparently my uterus must have been a command post for common sense because I seem to be lacking some but only a few more weeks and I'll be good as new.

And now I need a new excuse not to have sex.  DAMMIT!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Are shorts timeless?

Weigh in here folks. 

Whats the verdict on shorts?  A do or a don't?

You guys are wondering what the hell I'm talking about aren't you?

Let me explain.... today it is 91 degrees up here in the Northeast as just a smidge less humid than it would be in Manilla.  Its miserable.  And of course, today was dash2's little bike a thon at his nursery school.  Seeing as though it was 11 and feeling like it was the underarms of the tropics outside, I wore shorts, as I do pretty much all damn summer.

Here's the thing, I was the only one wearing shorts.

It was hot people.  Way to hot for pants. Or capris. 

Which a little sidenote on capris, they are adorable and I do have a pair or two but come on! They are only a couple of inches shorter than jeans, even in lighter material they aren't THAT much cooler.

In fact it was hot enough that if I was 20 pounds lighter I'd have stood their in my bathing suit, although I am sure that would have been horribly inappropriate and mildly embarrassing to dash2.

So I'm curious.... after a certain age do women retire their shorts?  Cause I am NOT on board with that. As long as a pair of shorts cover my ass, I'm struttin my stuff.

Flyboy and I were talking about this today and he finds this curious, if you can do it tastefully, why not wear shorts?  Granted, everyone has their body part that they are self concious about, I'm not a fan of my upper arms whereas my legs have never bothered me.  I'm hardly a size 4 but I'm not in the plus sizes either, but then again, I see plenty of plus sizes girls rockin the shorts at the mall the other day. 

So what's your take on this.... do shorts have an age limit?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

closin up shop

In 2 weeks, actually 12 days, I'll be infertile. 

Granted its by choice but still I'd be lying if I didn't say its running thru my mind a fair amount lately.

I've been very lucky when it's come to baby makin'.  Very very lucky.

I told flyboy it could take us months to get pregnant with the first two dash boys and what do you know, the first time was the charm both times.  Between dash2 and 3 we suffered a miscarriage, which in it of itself was a horrible blow, if you can believe it, just 10 days after the miscarriage there we were pregnant again.  I'm mertile fertile like that.

But here I am, about to turn 31 in a few months, with 3 beautiful, granted very stubborn, very spunky, very very alpha male kinda boys, going to go in for a hysterectomy.

Now don't get too panicky for me, I'm not losing the ol' girls {those would be the ovaries}, so I'm still gonna be all kinds of hormonal, just the uterus is gonna go.  Cause honestly, its not working so hot lately.

I'll spare you all the gory details and trust me, they are gory, let just leave it at the fact that I re-define, monthly, what a heavy period means.  And if your thinking that a hysterectomy is drastic for periods than clearly your imagination hasn't done it justice.

I've tried other things but really the only two options that are left are ablation and a hysterectomy and really, in the end both mean no more babies, so why not go with the one that will finally end the misery of leaving a blood trail around town. 

Wait was that too much?  Cause that's how its getting lately.  And I have tan car interiors so we're getting down to the wire here folks.

We had always said that as far as kids go 3 was pretty much that magic number.  In an ideal world more kids would be great, but in this world, money, time, and sanity, while it maybe highly overrated, are somewhat limited.  A few have said that maybe we'll want kids once he gets out of the Marine Corps, maybe, but then again, that's six years from now, dash1 will be 12, dash2 10, and dash3 7, would we really want to start again? Probably not.  

Not to mention, could the world handle another dash brother?  I mean including flyboy thats a lot of testosterone for me AND the world to handle.

I've been told that I'm pretty young to be yanking organs out, I get that, but at the same time, our family is complete.  And hey, since we had 'em young, we'll still be young when they head out to tackle the world on their own!

Rumor has it that there is indeed, life after kiddies.  I mean, I'm still YEARS away from that but its a helluva thought, enough that while I might look fondly at little snuggly babies, flyboy and I are moving on to the next stage of family life....

That would be the stage where your child's activities cause the family calendar on the refrigerator to look suspiciously like something out of a war room. 

So in 12 days my baby makin days will be over, and while its a bit to take in... I'm actually ok with it.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

House rules

Every house needs its rules.  Sure family start out with the basic set rules, but all the good meaningful rules develop over time.

Without further ado I give you the flyboy family rules....

1. One must wear pants to the dinner table. A shirt may on certain meal days be optional, but pants, pants are a requirement for food.

2. No socks in the bath.  No matter how much fun you think a bath with socks will be, they can not and will not be worn in the tub. Ever.

3. Do not pop balloons in the car.  Nor is the car the time or place to try out your animal balloon making skills.

4. No talking about bodily functions at the table. {We had a "what came first, chicken or the egg" discussion at the table the other night and flyboy did not find it amusing when I put forth an equally as debatable question... which came first, the fart or the poop? Having three boys is changing me as a person.  A lot.}

5. No holding people down to fart in their face unless this is your punishment.  In that case, buck up and take it like a man.

6. No face shots at close rang with a nerf gun unless you are prepared for #5.

7. Do not ever, ever, roll out your playdough on the carpet.  EVER. {Again.}

8. In order to sit on my bed and most especially my pillows, you must be wearing underwear. {This is directed at my kids not my husband.  They think its hilarious to sit on my pillows naked, thankfully my husband does not.}

9.  Never, ever, shove your fingers up someones nose for them to smell them.  Also, keep your fingers out of peoples mouths, no one wants to taste whatever is on them. EVER.

10. Ice cream, while it is delicious, is not to be eaten with your fingers while standing in your underpants on a chair with the freezer door open.  {This rule is strictly pointed at dash-2}

That's it for now.  I know there are more, the list is ever evolving too, by the time the boys are in middle school surely the list will be up to 100.  Or perhaps these are just the 10 solid rules of life. Could be...

Monday, May 16, 2011


I'm kinda tired.  And stressed.  Scratch those, and sub in exhausted.

Lately I've been a bit frazzled, I'm quick to stress, quick to snap, rather than seeing the joy in the moment, I feel anxious to get all the taskes done.  {If my husband is reading this I'm sure he's wondering what tasks!}

My boys are getting older, that has a lot to do with it.  No longer are our days spent puttering around the house doing tummy time and playdates.  One kid has soccer, another has teeball, homework needs to be done, cookies need to be made for snack and for the Kindergarten bake sale, oh and the 5 spreadsheets for the Nursery School Board need to be done too by the way. 

The house needs to be cleaned, laundry done at a cyclic rate {how is it that 3 boys can easily create 2 loads a day}, dinner should probably be made BEFORE bedtime, not to mention the other stuff of mommy hood.  Love, kisses, hugs and cuddles.  As delightful as those are they slow a mom down. 

That.  Right there.  What's wrong with that statement?

That's the crux of motherhood.  The love, the kisses, the cuddles, the rest, well, it needs to get done but which is more important.

I'm not going to lie either, I'm in the "over" portion of the roller coaster about military life.  Ever notice how its a roller coaster?  Its great, you can do it, then bam, I don't know if I can do this anymore, when are we done, etc.  {Flyboy has his own version, "I'm staying 20+, lets go for retirement, here's the game plan", than bam, "I'm punching tomorrow"}

Flyboy's had a bit of a wonky schedule lately, he's re upping and has a crap ton of leave to use up, because well, he never gets to take it, so he's putting his foot down and dammit, he's taking it, in little week chunks at a time, so he's been around, but who are we kidding, he's still gone a lot.  Here's where I'm going to get whinny, I don't want 5 days, I want 6 months.  6 months of normal living. 

6 months of going to work but coming home to help with homework, bath time, bedtime.  6 months of weekends together.  6 months of a partner to lean on. 

6 months with no where to go but home to us.

But that's not our military reality.  Never has been never will be.  So we keep on doing our spurts, here and gone.  Here and gone.  It should be normal by now but instead it just seems so exhausting.

But hey, only 6 years left, 6 years is a cake walk right?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Annoyances with a side of bewilderment

There are days I'm pretty sure I should be living on an island somewhere in the Pacific all by my lonesome, from the way my husband used to describe Wake Island, laying in a hammock drinking beer, it doesn't sound like such a bad life.

That and people annoy the living bejezzus out of me from time to time. 

I'm actually relatively good at letting some things go.  I think military life is good for that, when one is running around taking over the slack of a parent who isn't around, you get pretty good at picking and choosing what is going to ruffle your feathers.  But then.... then the little things just sneak on in and annoy me.

Top of my list these days:

-people who idle outside of a store while waiting for someone inside. 

Now if you want to sit in your car with the darn thing running when gas cost $4.09 knock your socks off.  But here is a brilliant idea.  Park in a spot and keep your eye on the door you inconsiderate moron.  Because when you park in front of the sloppey part of the sidewalk  people in wheelchairs and pushing their kids in carts cant GET IN THE DAMN STORE! 

You know I once saw a guy parked ON the sidewalk in front of the Target?  I will admit I actually stood there and stared because I couldn't quite believe it.  {And in case your wondering, no, no he did not seem to like me staring at him and waved at me.  With one finger.}

But really.... who PARKS on the SIDEWALK? What he couldn't fit his suv thru the doors?

- Much like the one above, people who park in handicap spots so they can just "dash" in real quick.  I noticed a tow truck did this today.  His tow truck was too long for the spots so he pulled horizontally in over both of the handicap spots AND blocking the ramp to the sidewalk.  Really guy?  You couldn't have done the same thing four spaces down?

- Cops driving at warp speed talking on their cell phones.  We live in a handsfree state and since we also live in a broke-ass state they are seriously cracking down on talking while driving.  I have no problems with this, if your breakign the law and get caught than pay up.  I'm much more for this than taxing the hell out of people.

Anyways, the other day dash2 and I were walking into the gym {I was pushing dash3 in the stroller in case you were wondering if I left him in the car} and we were almost plowed down by a cop who was going well over the village speed limit of 25 mph.  And he was talking on his cell phone.  And his lights weren't on so don't give me the it was an emergency line.  If it was he should have turned on his siren and lights.

I respect cops but bottom line, if I have to follow the law so do you.  And please don't run over my kids and I.

- Now this one isn't so much an annoyance as it is a bewilderment.... people putting soda in their baby bottles.  I saw this not once but twice this week.  {and in an even more shocking twist I was only out at Target twice this week. How did THAT happen?!}

Here's my thinking, if your kid needs a bottle they don't need soda.  If you feel they are old enough for soda  than they probably don't need a bottle.

I love me my soda....I'm not an anti-soda persona, its my crack, hence why my kids wont be touching it for quite a while.

There you go. That's what's going on in my head these days.  If you need me I'll be looking around for a deserted island.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A request from a food allergy parent

The week before last I was cleaning thru dash1's bookbag, because, as any mother of a kid in school knows, when you want the skinny on what's going on you head straight to the bookbag. 

How that child can rat hole away so many things in there is beyond me.

In his bookbag I found a little construction paper card that said "sorry" on the front.  My first instinct was "oh crap what did my kid do?".  I opened up the card and read "I'm sorry I almost made you so sick". 

Ummm.... what went on at school?  Clearly I was not in the loop here.

I ask dash1 about the card and he told me, very matter of factly that 2 little girls in his class got up from their table at lunch and walked over to his peanut free table and waved a PB&J in his face. 

Dash1, who in case your just joining me has severe allergies to eggs and peanuts, handles his food allergies very matter of factly.  He doesn't really freak out or take them lightly, he called over his teacher who was in the lunch room and let her know what was happening.

When I asked what happened next he summed it up rather nicely, "oh mom, Mrs. --- was PISSED."  Apparently the girls got a talking to and the parents were informed.  I will admit, there is part of me that wonders if this was enough, but then again they are only kindergarteners.

One mother came up to me the next day at school and told me that her daughter was so upset over getting in trouble she started throwing up and she had to come get her at school and "just hold her for the rest of the day.". 

Forgive me, I'm not moved.  {Sidenote- quite frankly, this mom is weird anyways.  Really, she took her kid out of school at 2:00 to "get her pretty" for her 6:00 birthday party.}

Bullying is no joke in school anymore.  Dash1's school has had no less than five assemblies on it,and in my mind, waving a pb&j in the face of someone for whom peanut butter is lethal is on par with pushing them around on the playground. 

And speaking of food allergies... did you know last week was food allergy awareness week?  {I know I know I should have blogged then, when I had the mojo blogger was down.  Yeah, that's right, I'm passing the buck.}

Here's what schools AND parents, both the parents of the allergy kids and the non allergy kids need to do.  We can't just slap up a sign on the classroom door of a peanut with a line through it, that's not enough.  Sure a kindergartener gets that that means NO PEANUTS but do they really understand why?  Probably not.

We need to explain to them, on their level what it means. Some people can eat peanut butter all day long, when you eat peanut butter your tummy thinks its awesome, when other kids eat it it can make them very very sick.  There, that's the start of a talk.

Food restrictions due to allergies can be seen as bothersome or an overreaction by non-allergy parents.  I've know this first hand.  I saw the eye rolls and sighs when the teacher announced at orientation that there were peanut allergies in the room, trust me folks, its no walk in the park for us.

Not to mention a lot of time kids with severe food allergies also have other medical issues that go hand in hand.  Dash1 also has allergy asthma, which during a flare up is a nightmare.  The afternoon after the sandwich was waved in his face he had an asthma attack and his oxygen levels plummeted.

At our school, peanuts aren't outlawed all together, there are no peanut snacks allowed IN the class but the lunchroom is still fair game.  What is needed is a level of understanding on the part of all involved.

I can't speak for all allergy parents, but I know that I've tried to do my best to safe guard my son.  He knows what can happen if he ingest an allergen, he knows that he needs to be vigilant and take precautions. If your a non allergy parent, take the time to talk to your kids, somewhere an allergy parent is reading a really long list of ingredients and will thank you for it.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

We've been here too long

No really, this December will be nine years of marriage and we've been here the whole damn time. 

Told you its been a long damn time.

All three boys were born here, as far as life goes, this is all they know.  And from time to time that terrifies me.

I'll drop the mystery for a minute of where we are.... are you dying of curiosity?  Its.... NY. 

Yeah yeah yeah, I know what your saying, "Oh I didn't know there were Marines in NY."  Yes. Yes there are.  I hear that all the time.  There are Marines everywhere.  But there aren't a hell of a whole lot of them up here so it can get that isolated Siberian feel up here.

If there were a lot of velour track suits in Siberia that is.

I know that's a stereotype but this state does seem to be the capital of velour track suit wearing people. 

But anyways, I drift, velour track suits seem to do that to me, we've been here way to long.  Short of the fact its been almost nine years wanna know how else I know?

-When talking about Father's Day gift ideas {which since he'll be just getting back from a boys week in Ireland is probably going to be zip, zero, zilch} dash-1 suggested maybe a big, gold necklace.  Try as I might I can not for the life of me think of my dear flyboy wearing a big ol gold chain.

-Dash-2 and I now say Hot Dawg rather than hot dog.

-Dash-2 thinks {and is correct in this thought} that NY style pizza is the only type of pizza out there.  All others are cheap imitations and not worth his time or taste buds. 

I'll admit, I'm amazed and a little proud that my little 4 year old can navigate a giant piece of NY pizza without missing a beat.

-The other day I pull all my hair in a ponytail. My bangs were a bit poofed back, not quite all Snookie but there was a bit of a bump going on, here's the problem, I liked it. A lot.

Fear not though, I haven't taken up the fake tanning so I'm not Snookie umpa-lumpa orange. I'm just rockin the bump.

-While visiting the south last month, I was frustrated NUMEROUS times with the slow pace down there. HURRY THE HECK UP! Sweet Jesus, people have things to do, and well, even if I don't I certainly don't care to stand around and watch you dwaddle while you try to get your crap done. 

See? I've turned into that obnoxious impatient NY'er.  I scare myself.

We need orders.  ASAP. 

Too bad they probably aren't coming anytime soon. 

Until then I'm just gonna be chilling with my hair bump eating some greasy pizza enjoying life.  In a velour track suit.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Big pimpin'

My son just asked me what pimpin' was.

{He missed out on seeing a pimp in real life, like I did a few weeks ago at the local target. I'll have to elaborate on that one later for you all.}

This is also the point where one of you out there does some online searching for a Mother of the Year contest because SURELY I'd kick some ass in that.

I should probably watch my mouth some.

In case you were wondering what in the hell {see there I go again} I could have possibly said that brought up the word pimp he asked what I was doing and I said I was pimpin' out grandma.  

I'll give you a minute to get that picture out of your head. 

But its not like you might be thinking, which if you are thinking that you should be horribly ashamed of yourself.  I was uploading new things to our etsy store and tweeting about all the beee-u-tiful things that Ma has whipped up.  When he asked what I was doing I said I was pimpin' grandma.  

Wow.  That was a long explanation for a word. But you know me, I'm nothing if not wordy.  And mildly inappropriate at every turn. 

If you want to check out what's new over at the etsy store, check it out, and if you're looking for a mother's day gift for your terribly hard to buy for mother in law {we all have one} might I suggest one of these very meaningful stars?

See pimpin' out grandma.  But her stuff is so nice it's worth it.

And I think its funny to say.