Saturday, December 11, 2010

December memories

While hanging out with the dash boys on the playroom floor today I realized something.... Decembers rock.

Dash-2 had asked me what my best gift EVER {emphasis on EVER} was, he's a smart one, and put two and two together that since he was born in December my answer should, of course, be "why you my love". And while he is indeed, one of my greatest gifts, the other 2 excellent gifts were right there staring at me so I did the smart mommy thing and deflected.  

So I started to list all the great things that December has brought....

-Flyboy came home from a deployment, while I was pregnant with Dash-1 and thanks to preterm labor on bedrest {and had to move back home with my parents} getting home in plenty of time for his birth.

-Like I mentioned and dash-2 likes to bring up, December brought the birth of our second bundle of joy and my kindred spirited middle child.

-After a miscarriage at Thanksgiving we found out right after Christmas that I was pregnant with Dash-3.

This month holds some special meaning for each of the boys, but December isn't just kiddie related.....

-14 years ago this week flyboy and I had our first date.  If you would like to know it didn't turn out as planned, we were supposed to meet friends at a movie {Mars Attacks, good thing we missed it} for a double date.  We missed the movie time so we just sat in his car and talked for hours, seeing as though I was 16 at the time, my mother does not find this amusing.  Still.  To this day.

-8 years ago this month, we were married, the start of it all.  Our dating years weren't always rosy {perhaps more on that later, we certainly are the poster couple for "if it's meant to be it's meant to be} but in the end, we found our way back to each other and now, it really is all because two people fell in love.

-9 years ago this month I graduated from college. {Actually one year to the day before I was married not that any of you care but I felt I should share that tidbit} And being done with papers, finals, and obnoxious roommates truly was a well earned gift.

December's a pretty kick ass month.

In  past December, we moved in a blizzard, only to break down on the turnpike {fyi, if you think to yourself, "hey that's my husband in that Uhaul on the side of the road", you should not DRIVE BY, you should stop, that's not a way to start a marriage}.

We shared a Christmas in the hospital as he woke up from shoulder surgery.

We decorated our first tiny apartment, had 3 baby's first Christmas, then there was the Christmas dash-1 figured out that the toy Santa bought was the same exact toy he saw in Target the day before, anniversary's have been spent apart and anniversary's spent together, the Christmas tree that fell over in the middle of the night....

December is a special month, with special memories that, thankfully, show no signs of stopping.

What's your best December gift?


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  2. love it!! I have no clue... I guess getting pregnant with Kiale during Christmas break, although I didn't think it was so great at the time. Seeing as how it was Christmas break of my senior year in high school... Oh, and finding out we were pregnant with Cayleigh-Grace Christmas of 2007. That was awesome!

  3. Nice!! Christmas is DEFINITELY full of memories... I just can't think of a really good one to share! ha ha ha...

  4. Getting my husband back early from Afghanistan last year had to be my best Christmas present ever. But really, I've been blessed to spend at least some time in every December with loved ones -- even if not all at once -- so yeah, it's a good month.

  5. having two first christmas' in a row was pretty awesome. But other then Christmas December isnt a good month for my family esp this December


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