Sunday, December 19, 2010

where I've been, what I've been doing, and what I think would be HILARIOUS

First things first, where I've been.  Here.  Right.   Here.   

No exciting travel, no exotic locales, nothing, nada.

I read some blog post once that to be a "good" blogger, which I'm guessing means a blog in which people read and comment, you should never have long absence in which you don't forewarn your readers that you'll be away.  Or else you'll all run away and never look back.

Whoops. I don't ever do that.  I certainly didn't do that this time.

I'm wondering if I even have any readers left.  Anyone out there? Helloooooo

Flyboy likes to check out my blog every once in a while {ie when he has internet and remembers it on the road} and likes to point out how many comments I've gotten for each post, he's concerned my numbers are dropping some, in all honesty I am not, however, leave some love and make him less concerned. 

But all that is neither here nor there.  I drift.  I always have.

So what I've been doing while I was M.I.A..... sickness.  It swarmed our house.

Those of you with kids can truly appreciate that statement.  In fact I think I actually heard the heads nodding and the "ewwwww" as you all can only imagine the things that I got to clean up this week. {That is if anyone with kids is still reading this thing}

It started innocently enough, as most things do, Dash-1 said he wasn't feeling well on monday night, then come 2 am the vomit started.  Poor dash-2, crappy time to start sleeping on the second bunk.  It seemed that we were going to escape this with just dash-1 getting caught in the cross fire.

Until Weds morning when I woke up on death's door vomiting at 4am, and no, no I am not pregnant, I know this because in the past few months the Marine Corps has been a fantastic birth control, I had the worst case of the ickies ever. 

Long story short I had to do something I've done very rarely in my 8 yrs of military wife life, I had to call and impose on people.

I called my neighbor and landlord who lives right down the street to come watch the boys and my good friend who was at work, 45 mins away to come take me to the ER.  I am lucky that I have people in my life who care as much as they do, however, you milspouses out there know what I mean when I say its not easy asking for help and it sucks when it's not our spouse or family that we are leaning on.  {Or imposing on}

Only once the ER got me pumped back up with fluids did I realize what the hell I had left the house wearing.  Wowza.  Times like that I'm grateful that our hospital is on an Army post and not the rinky dink base that flyboy is at.

Dash-2 and 3 briefly dropped too.  They seemed to have caught a much milder form of whatever this is, poor dash-3 is keeping pampers in business and dash-2 did have some foul smelling vomit that thankfully, since I was sick and flyboy had just gotten home, he got the pleasure of cleaning that up. 

So here I am.  There I've been.

We are all on the mend.  I hope, I've missed an entire week of Christmas doing, I got stuff to get done!

Oh and I promised you  something that I thought would be hiliarious.  In fact file this under Reason #427 we are demented parents, imagine this, my boys wake up on Christmas morning, run down stairs to see what Santa left them and what do they find.....

What the hell?! Santa left girl presents?!

Barbies?  Her dream house?  The convertible? An easy bake oven?

{Actually strike that, dash-2 would be all over an easy bake oven. Cupcakes, on demand, right up his alley.}

Here's what you have to understand, my boys are boys boys.  I'm the only girl in the house.  So to review, that's 1 girl {me}, 3 boys, and 1 Marine.  My boys aren't so much fans of girl stuff, they've never had a doll, we aren't an advanced house.  They love nerf guns and cars.

Girl stuff would drive. them. nuts.

It would be hilarious.  In an evil sorta way.

And because we aren't totally evil, we would donate the girl toys, have the boy toys immediately available, oh and most importantly, we aren't going to do it.  But I still laugh thinking about it.

So that's where I've been, what I've been up too, and what I find funny.  Aren't you glad I shared?

***Dammit I spoke too soon.  Within 10 mins of each other last night dash2 and 3 managed to throw up 3 times.  Nothing like changing jammies and sheets at 1 am. Yummmmo

I can't take anymore.  I'm going to hang myself with a Lysol wipe.***


  1. Oh man I hope you're feeling better. I feel like hell and although I don't have kids, being sick with an MIA hubby sucks like a Dyson Ball.

  2. Gosh, I hope you feel better soon!
    When the men in our family (rarely) get sick, it's a doozy. :\

  3. I hope you are feeling better. You were the braver one asking for help.. you know I was silly not to.

    And I really need to meet you. I'd totally do the same thing to our kids if we had boys. In fact... I kinda did to my male cousin once.

    My mom and I wrapped up a set of brand new dress pumps for him. It was hilarious. He was 10 and I was 9. Oh my. He did get a real present... later... like, HOURS later. LOL

  4. hahaha almost every time I read your blog I crack up laughing out loud...literally. I'm glad you and the boys are feeling better and I think it would be hilarious to give the the boys girlie gifts as a joke. Their faces would be priceless!!!

  5. You are too funny! We're all still here :)

    And I hope everyone feels better soon!!

  6. Good luck surviving the plague, hope everyone feels better soon!

  7. Oh geeze...hope yall are feeling better!

    And for what it's worth--that would be freaking hilarious to surprise them with girl toys :)

  8. You'll make it! A Lysol wipe isn't strong enough to hang yourself until you're dead. You'll be left with a sore throat AND vomit to clean up.

  9. I so hope you are feeling better by the time you see this. still stopping by even when you can not post

  10. I keep reading about this bug I hope it passes us by.

    I hope you all feel better soon.. just in time for the turkey!

  11. Oh, I hope you all survived! I was completely sympathizing since the same thing hit our house :-(

    I LOVE the girl present idea! I'm not sure I'd donate them though, maybe just play with them myself.

  12. Hey lady! I FINALLY posted about my part in the ornament swap! Go on over and check it out :) I even linked to your blog ;) XOXO!


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