Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Support the troops with cookies!

I'm a lucky gal.

I get to make {and eat} cookies from the warmth and comfort of my home.  No one is shooting at me {well nerf guns}, I'm not sitting in a war away from my family, I'm not missing all the comforts home on top of missing my family this holiday.

If you can say the same thing, you're amazingly lucky.

But like so many of us know, especially us military families, someones got to be the boots on the ground.  And thank God for them!

So why not make their holidays a little sweeter?

Kenmore has teamed up with Sunny Anderson from Food Network to for a  Baking for the Troops campaign with the goal of sending 250,000 cookies to deployed troops with messages of support from Americans. 
Sounds good right?  So go to the COOKIES4TROOPS tab on the Kenmore Facebook page and ask Kenmore to bake and ship a dozen cookies on your behalf – at no cost to you and you select your own personalized message, send a message of thanks - a wish for a happy holidays, something to let them know that you care, we’ll pair with the cookies for individual troops.

Even sweeter – when a quarter million cookies are shipped to the troops, Kenmore will donate $50,000 to Heroes at Home Wish Registry assisting military families stateside.  So you help the troops over there and over here.

 And I'll have a recipe to link up to the Cookie Hop that they kindly included from Sunny Anderson which I'm sure are delish.  I'm doubting that you get a show on Food Network if your cookies suck. 
Go send some happiness in the form of a cookie to a deployed service member and then  go click on the cookie hop button to come back and link up the cookies that are baking in your oven right now!



  1. Thanks for sharing! I've gone ahead and sent my cookies!

  2. Awesome! I'm going to do this now. We got some $ from the Heros at Home Sears thing a year or two ago, and it was so awesome.

  3. I am doing this! It is so awesome! Well actually I did it already.. and my parents are packaging everything out since Ill be in the hospital!


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